Self-Service Portals

With Capricorn self-service portals, wait times—and the headaches they cause for customers and staff—are a thing of the past. Capricorn provides a completely configurable self-service web portal solution that:

  • Enables web self-service on any device—improving customer engagement by allowing users to interact with their utility providers on their own terms
  • Integrates billing, online payments and history, consumption information and more into one secure, easy-to-navigate, scalable web portal
  • Provides customers with access to their account, billing information, and usage history, at the time that is most convenient for them
  • Reduces call volumes while providing meaningful online tools for customers to gain valuable insight into their usage patterns and areas for cost savings
  • Enables utilities to extend their services globally, eliminating the constraint of traditional 9-5 business hours
  • Ensures a quick ROI by reducing costs associated with paper invoices, bills, and reports that are typically mailed or faxed 

By increasing your service offerings, emphasizing customer engagement, and lowering your overall costs, Capricorn is an unbeatable solution for the self-service web portal needs of your utility.