Technical Highlights

Capricorn is a Java-based web portal designed with utility providers in mind. By enabling Web Self-Service (WSS) and Web Content Management System (CMS) functionality for customers, employees and business partners, Capricorn allows utility providers to place added emphasis on customer engagement and satisfaction. 

At the core of Capricorn is a powerful Java foundation class library, based on open standard design patterns and best Desktop, mobile, and tablet view of Capricorn dashboardpractices. This foundation ensures high application performance, and delivers an immensely flexible and scalable architecture.

Feature-rich relative to cost, Capricorn can easily be integrated with your existing software and processes, often at a fraction of the cost of internal custom development. Because of this, Capricorn provides organizations with a rapid return on investment.

The Guiding Principals of Capricorn

SilverBlaze continuously develops and evolves Capricorn with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Provide best-in-class customer care that engages customers as utility partners
  • Provide great value with an aggressively priced, market-proven solution
  • Provide fully automated and seamless integration with any CIS/Billing, AMI/R, MDM, OMS, Document Repository, SaaS and legacy systems
  • Remain entirely platform and back-end independent while providing a single portal interface to multiple utility applications
  • Provide rich out-of-the-box functionality, while accommodating customization

The Business Modules Behind Capricorn

Capricorn is comprised of four business modules that are platform independent and highly configurable, providing a single customer portal that allows for easy integration with your back-end applications.

The User Registry & Security Module

The User Registry & Security Module offers a repository to enroll site users, define security policies and integrate back-end application details. It acts as a foundation for other Capricorn modules, all of which plug-in and sit on top of this base module. The User Registry & Security Module provides tools for: 

  • User registration and management 
  • Single logins for multiple account and meter holders
  • Access code and password expiry controls, notifications and recovery support
  • User classification and group profiling for enhanced role-based application security
  • Delegated security management support
  • Customer message board management
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) support access
  • Personalized user experiences
  • Usage tracking and site analytics
  • Intuitive browser-based administration

The Utility CIS Portal Module

Capricorn mobile dashboardThe Utility CIS Portal Module provides numerous inquiry functions geared toward self-service activities popular within the Utility customer community. This AODA accessibility compliant module runs through a rich dashboard interface and offers a number of fantastic features designed specifically for utility customers, including: 

  • Utility consumption inquiries
  • Usage comparison by neighbourhood
  • Usage comparison to last year
  • Local temperature chart overlays
  • Support for demand data web presentment, for example, KWH, KW, KVA
  • eBilling with support for multiple payment approaches and integration points
  • Payment extension requests based on CIS business rules
  • Transaction history for any service offering
  • Meter reading submissions with access control by meter
  • Integrated customer feedback and ratings
  • Integrated CIS data

The Utility CIS Portal Module is fully responsive and completely adaptable to desktop and mobile devices with multi-lingual support. It is AODA Accessibility Compliant, and also highly customizable, with several themes for enhanced personalization.

The Utility Smart Meter Portal Module

The Utility Smart Meter Portal Module includes real-time AMI/MDM/ODS integration, charting, data downloads and pricing comparisons—providing a rich set of features focused on customer usage and demand data, including:

  • Real-time AMI/MDM integration
  • Secure web service calls to AMI/MDM repositories
  • Daily Smart Meter charting and data downloads that support the Green Button format
  • Time-of-Use or Regular-Use pricing
  • An optional Time-of-Use rate indicator
  • Hourly Smart Meter charting with Time-of-Use or Regular-Use pricing
  • Local temperature chart overlays
  • A price plan comparison tool with charting capabilities
  • Integrated customer feedback and rating tools
  • Holiday & Rate management – date/time-sensitive rate descriptions and pricing
  • Data integration engine supports connectivity to existing CIS systems

The Utility Smart Meter Portal Module is fully responsive thanks to an adaptive web design that offers mobile-friendly support. It also features themes enhanced personalization, Multi-lingual support, and is AODA Accessibility Compliant.

Data Integration Engines 

The Data Integration Engines easily map to back-end production environments including CIS systems, billing systems, data repositories and document repositories, to securely leverage and enable information for customer self-service. These engines include:

  • CIS Data Transfer Engine – available in the absence of real-time APIs or Web Services
  • AMI/MDM Data Integration Engine
  • eBill Presentment Integration Engine
  • Payment Integration Engine

Experience the Capricorn self-services portals in action for yourself. Request your live demo today! 

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See Capricorn self-service portals in action. Schedule a live demo today! 

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