Customer Accounts & eBilling

Empowering Utility Customers with Self-Service

Provide your customers with the best account access possible with Capricorn—the ultimate customer engagement and self-service web portal solution for utilities. With Capricorn, customers can:

Most importantly, customers have 24/7 access to their utility account—increasing their satisfaction while expanding your service capabilities and reducing costs. 


A Central Hub for Customers to Access from Anywhere

Capricorn provides utility customers with the tools they need in an easy-to-navigate interface that they can access from anywhere. Through the self-service web portal, customers are able to view their bills, track their usage history, and make any necessary changes to their account. They can also access important information via push notifications—keeping customers up-to-date on upcoming payments, service outages, and more.

A Convenient Way For Customers to Pay and Engage

Once registered, customers have the ability to view their bills on any device—from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. It also allows them to pay their bills from anywhere, at any time.

The days of travelling to a payment kiosk or speaking directly to a member of the billing team are over. Now, customers can pay their bills whenever and where-ever it’s most convenient for them, because your service will be extended around the clock. Not only that, but by signing up for online billing, your utility can save time and money on printing and mailing costs, as well as reduce the strain placed on your customer service department. Instead, you can shift focus to providing your customers with the information they want in the way the want to receive it—online.

Functional & Feature-Rich, Capricorn is the Definitive Self-Service Web Portal for Utilities 

With an elegant, easy-to-understand interface that puts the information your customers need in their hands around the clock, Capricorn is a valuable asset for any utility. By providing your customers with the power to manage their usage, pay their bills, and receive critical information from their utility provider instantly, you’ll quickly improve your revenue cycles. You’ll also see an increase in customer satisfaction across the board. 

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