Customer Usage & Smart Metering


Help Customers Understand & Adjust Their Usage with Consumption Information

Supply customers with second-to-none self-service access to their utility information with regular meter and smart meter consumption information from Capricorn. This access puts a heavy focus on customer engagement—allowing customers to view usage data that helps them make beneficial, cost-saving decisions on how and when they use their utilities.

Educating and Empowering Customers 

With consumption readings from traditional and smart meters, customers gain easy access to detailed data, patterns and insight into how much water, electricity, gas or other utilities they are using. Once collected, this data can be:

  • Displayed via interactive consumption charts 
  • Charted and downloaded using the Green Button format for a customer’s personal records
  • Helpful to customers to reduce their footprint or modify their usage to save money

Additionally, through the Smart Metering module, customers can sign up for predicted billing, which helps regulate their monthly billing amount. Secure in the knowledge that they can view their predicted bill amount at any time, customer satisfaction increases across the board. 

Usage Alerts for Utility Customers

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The Smart Metering module from Capricorn also allows utility companies to notify customers should high usage occur. For example, if a customer is nearing a monthly allocated usage amount, they can be sent an automatic push notification. From here, they can make adjustments in order to avoid additional costs, ensuring they feel in control of their usage. 

With Smart Metering, customers can also compare and contrast the prices of different billing plans based on their usage. With the price plan comparison tool, customers can choose the appropriate utility plan or package based on their specific needs. 

Providing Detailed Consumption History with the Billing Inquiry Module 

Not every utility has incorporated Smart Meter technology, which is why Capricorn also offers the Billing Inquiry Module as part of its Utility CIS Portal. Thanks to its rich dashboard interface, your customers can easily utilize this module to:

  • Make utility consumption inquiries
  • Compare their usage by neighbourhood
  • Compare their usage against the previous year
  • View detailed, intuitive charts 
  • Access local temperature chart overlays
  • Opt into paperless billing 
  • View and pay e-bills 
  • View transaction history for any service offering
  • Submit meter readings with access control by meter
  • And more!
The Billing Inquiry module offers a mobile-friendly responsive and adaptive design that can be accessed via any device. It also includes themes for enhanced personalization, meaning your utility can tailor the customer experience to your needs—ultimately increasing their satisfaction.

Smart Metering from Capricorn is the Smart Choice 

With the Smart Metering module available within Capricorn, your customers will have the tools they need to make their utilities work for them. Whether it’s comparing annual usage, breaking down hourly demand, or receiving important reports and information in real time, Smart Metering allows your utility to emphasize customer engagement. To learn more about Smart Meter consumption information and the wealth of other features that Capricorn provides utilities, schedule your personal demo today.

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