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Make Managing Utility Accounts Easy with Mobile Access

Focus on customer engagement by offering seamless mobile access to customer utility accounts with the Capricorn self-service web portal. Featuring an easy-to-navigate, fully-functional mobile interface, Capricorn users can manage their utility accounts, chart usage data, and pay their bills directly from their smartphones or tablets. 

Capricorn’s mobile access means your customers can access their information from anywhere, at any time—freeing up your internal resources to focus on client satisfaction. And, with Capricorn’s exceptionally easy-to-integrate software, your team will start to see the benefits immediately.

Provide Customers With Convenient 24/7 Access

With mobile access, customers don’t need to worry about your business hours—they’ll have the tools they need to monitor their accounts at any time. With Capricorn’s intuitive interface, customers can quickly view their bills, track their usage data, and make payments when it’s convenient for them, regardless of time, date, or location. 

When accessing their utility data via Capricorn’s self-service web portal, customers will have all the tools they’ve come to expect from managing their accounts on the web, but designed specifically for mobile devices with an easy-to-use interface. 

Improve Customer Engagement with Push Notifications 

With mobile access, utilities can provide their customers with important information instantly via push notifications. These notifications can inform customers when their paperless bill is available, of upcoming planned outages, usage updates, and more—something they’ll really appreciate. By keeping customers up-to-date on pertinent information, overall satisfaction increases.  

Receive and Pay Bills Quickly and Easily

With mobile access, utility customers can sign up to receive and pay bills online. While this is convenient for customers, it also provides major benefits to utility providers. It greatly reduces the cost and time associated with printing and mailing paper bills, as well as sorting incoming payments. Additionally, it minimizes call volumes—greatly reducing the strain placed on your customer service department. Combined with the low cost of adoption, utility providers will very quickly see a return on their Capricorn investment. 

Providing Your Customers the Access They Demand 

We live in a 24/7 world, and customers expect to be able to access and manage their utility accounts at the time that works best for them. Mobile Access from Capricorn makes that possible. It is easy to integrate with existing systems, provides a robust feature set, and is easy-to-navigate for employees and customers alike. 

To see for yourself how mobile access can improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase overall engagement, schedule your free Capricorn demo today.

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