Smart forms built in Apollo are designed with end users in mind—intuitively designed for ease of use, and to easily integrate with your existing systems. Once integrated, smart forms provide customers with the tools they need to quickly and conveniently connect with you, their utility provider—making it easier than ever before to complete service requests, bill payments, account updates, and more.  

Diagram of Apollo notification system

Form integration: Ensuring Your Data is Working for You

Smart forms are designed to work in concert with the data your customers provide. Rather than requiring users to enter information free-form, smart forms are able to simplify the process by leveraging your organization’s information—improving both the customer and the employee experience. A few common examples of integration in forms include:

  • Address lookups
  • Field lists (Selects/Searches/Type ahead).
  • Validations based upon your organizations data and rules.
  • Web Service calls for field values and validations.

Processing Integration: Connecting Disparate Systems With Apollo

When you choose a new solution, it’s important that it works seamlessly with your current software. Apollo is able to bring together disparate software solutions, ensuring harmony when systems across your utility interact with one another. A few practical examples of processing integration in action include:

  • Calling Web Services
  • Producing data, for consumption by other systems.
  • Generating PDF versions of the forms for consumption by a document management system

With Apollo, Integration is Easier Than Ever

Apollo allows your IT department to easily and conveniently integrate with your existing systems, ensuring your disparate software solutions are working in concert quickly. Are you interested in learning just how easy it is to integrate Apollo into your utility? Schedule your free consultation today.

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