Technical Highlights

Apollo is a workflow solution framework with a library of intelligent forms designed to easily automate common utility interactions with customers, and improve engagement. Each smart form is built on the SilverBlaze Apollo workflow enterprise software, and can be customized to meet your utility’s specific requirements.  


Apollo is designed to integrate with and enhance your existing solutions, for both form input and data output. This integration can be accomplished using a wide array of techniques, such as live data integration, directory integration, and web services.

With no programming or special application development required, Apollo speeds up the implementation of your workflow processes by weeks, and even months, delivering a blazingly fast ROI. When you choose Apollo for your public, private, or municipal utility, you’re choosing a solution that is smart, flexible, and robust with features designed to enhance the experience of your customers.

Apollo is written in 100% Java, and will run on any Java application server. It is designed to use any Java compliant relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2.

The Four Major Components of Apollo Workflow Enterprise Technology

The Apollo Workflow Enterprise technology can be broken down into four major components.


The Form Manager

The Form Manager tracks the electronic forms required to capture and present all relevant information. The Form Manager allows:

  • The presentation of your forms to conform to your utility’s online presence, seamlessly integrating with your website
  • Forms to be defined to accommodate desktop, tablet and mobile browsers
  • The form layout to be separated from the field and workflow functionality—ensuring the layout can be easily modified as your requirements change

The Enterprise Data Manager

The Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) defines the data elements (fields) that are required for your workflow process. It provides:

  • Extremely rich field functionality for your end users
  • Functionality to easily add and modify the field behavior as your requirements change
  • The ability to add and remove data fields, without having to worry about the underlying database storage

The Workflow Manager

The powerful interface of the Workflow Manager enables administrators and designers at your utility to map out all aspects of the business process. With the Workflow Manager, you can:

  • Soft-code your business rules
  • Easily add or modify workflow steps, without the requirement for an expensive development exercise

The Workflow Engine

Apollo connecting diagram

As the heart of your Apollo platform, the Workflow Engine uses its runtime processor to route workflow requests through your organization, based upon the configurations your utility has defined in the EDM, Form Manager (templates and widgets) and Workflow Manager.

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