Optimize Customer Billing With Apollo

Give your customers the tools they need to ensure their bills are paid on time and improve overall satisfaction with intelligent forms built on Apollo workflow software from SilverBlaze. Apollo provides customers with intelligent forms that are easily accessible, making it easy for them to engage with your utility. 

These forms instantly collect, interpret, and store financial data provided by your customers. By choosing Apollo workflow software, your customers can easily manage their billing needs, ensuring a positive experience every step of the way. 


Apollo will quickly address the needs of water, gas, electric and telecom utility customers. With our intelligent forms, you can:

  • Manage billing queues to ensure customer’s billing changes are processed quickly 
  • Quickly respond to customer’s billing inquiries and concerns
  • Provide a convenient method to submit billing information, such as declarations, waivers and credit references
  • Escalate individual tasks and automatically delegate them, ensuring employees are able to address customer issues quickly

Additionally, Apollo workflow software provides full audit trails on each workflow. These trails offer complete details on past bills, including payment history, actions and processing time.