Smart Forms: Providing the Features Your Customers Demand  


Collect data from your customers quickly and conveniently, with easy-to-navigate smart forms built on Apollo. Our beautiful, feature-rich smart forms allow gas, water, telecom and electric utility providers to receive important information from customers 24/7, 365 days of the year. These robust smart forms can be completely modified to match your organization’s branding, and feature sophisticated field functionality that provides customers with the tools to immediately connect with their utility on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. To make this process even easier for customers, smart forms built on Apollo include built-in data widgets, such as:


  • Pop-up calendars
  • Dropdown lists
  • Type ahead searches 
  • And more!

Apollo Makes Smart Forms Simple for Customers and Employees

Because Apollo is so intuitive and easy to integrate, no programming experience or training is required to take advantage of the capabilities of our workflow software. Workflows and forms can be completely automated through our standard processing steps, or completed via a custom internal process. Either way, all of our forms are modifiable to meet the needs of your customers and employees.  

All of our forms are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing back-end systems using industry standard methodologies. Anyone can quickly navigate Apollo directly from their web browser to setup security perimeters and validations, set notifications and reminders, and push escalations through the proper channels, ensuring compliance with your business rules. And with smart search and detailed audit trails, you’ll never have any trouble finding or tracking data as it makes its way through your organization. 

Revolutionize the Way Your Utility Does Business With Apollo

When you choose Apollo, you’re choosing an adaptable, fully functional workflow software solution that is loaded with features—including forms to capture and analyze data relating to:


  • Response times
  • Volumes
  • Processing times
  • And more!

With this information, you can conduct in-depth analysis on the responsiveness of your utility—working toward the ultimate goal of constantly improving customer satisfaction.

Apollo standardizes your business processes, immediately reducing errors and increasing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps. Fewer unnecessary steps means improving process efforts and the customer experience, while reducing costs and streamlining operations. 

Dynamic in nature, Apollo smart forms can easily integrate into your existing processes and nimbly adapt as your utility changes. Additionally, its non-programming approach allows for all employees to participate in shared corporate governance.

By adapting Apollo workflow software, you’ll ensure your utility is able to meet the demands of both customers and staff. Smart forms built on Apollo streamline and automate your workflows, reducing the strain placed on every department in your organization. By freeing up employees to focus on higher-value tasks, the’ll be able to better manage, address, and meet customer demands—improving customer satisfaction across the board.

Experience first hand how smart forms and Apollo can completely transform the way your utility runs. Request your live Apollo demo today!