Apollo Workflow Enterprise Software

Apollo is a workflow solution framework with a library of intelligent forms designed to easily automate common utility interactions with customers, and improve engagement. Each smart form is built on the SilverBlaze Apollo workflow enterprise software, and can be customized to meet your utility’s specific requirements.  


Apollo is designed to integrate with and enhance your existing solutions, for both form input and data output. This integration can be accomplished using a wide array of techniques, such as live data integration, directory integration, and web services.

With no programming or special application development required, Apollo speeds up the implementation of your workflow processes by weeks, and even months, delivering a blazingly fast ROI. When you choose Apollo for your public, private, or municipal utility, you’re choosing a solution that is smart, flexible, and robust with features designed to enhance the experience of your customers.

Apollo is written in 100% Java, and will run on any Java application server. It is designed to use any Java compliant relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2.