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How to Talk to Utilities Customers About AMI and Smart Metering

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 9:38:20 AM

Smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure tools are valuable assets for your utility and your customers. If you haven't already, you'll likely begin hearing questions about them from your customers. It’s crucial when discussing these tools with customers that you provide clear information on their benefits in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. That's why we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about advanced metering infrastructure and smart metering. With this information, your customers will be able to take full advantage of smart metering benefits, resulting in increased engagement and improved satisfaction across the board.

Our Customer Smart Metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructure F.A.Q.

What is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure? 

An advanced metering infrastructure is a system that allows for two-way communication between a smart utility meter and a utility company. This automated communication allows utility companies to collect real-time consumption data which can then be used to provide a superior customer service experience. 

What is Smart Metering?

Smart metering is a method of measuring and communicating a customer’s utility usage through an advanced metering infrastructure in order to help them better understand their consumption. With a smart meter, a customer’s utility usage can be accurately logged and reported back to their utility provider on a daily basis. 

What are the Benefits of Smart Metering? 

Smart metering does away with estimated readings, meaning you’ll only ever be charged for what you consume during your billing period. This level of accuracy helps customers make more informed decisions about how they use their utilities. By offering access to detailed, easy-to-understand data that provides insight into water, electricity, gas, and other utility usage patterns, customers can visually chart how much they consume, adjust their usage, save money, and reduce their footprint. 

Smart metering also allows customers to sign up for predicted billing and receive automated notifications if they are experiencing high usage. This is especially useful if a customer is nearing their allocated monthly usage amounts, as it allows them to quickly make adjustments to avoid additional costs while also feeling more in control of their utility usage. 

Is Smart Metering Safe?

Absolutely! Research into the potential health impacts of radio frequency (RF) waves emitted by smart meters was conducted by the  California Council on Science and Technology (CCST). Their report found that having smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure installed in homes resulted in no measurable impact on consumer health. In fact, they were able to determine that people were far more likely to be exposed to RF waves through their cell phones[1].

Capricorn Helps Makes Smart Metering Easy

If your utility already uses smart metering or is planning on implementing it in the future, Capricorn’s smart metering module can help. It provides your customers with the tools they need to track their usage, reduce their footprint, and lower their costs. The end result is customers who are more engaged with their utility provider, as well as more satisfied. To learn more about Capricorn and how its smart metering module can benefit your utility, download our FREE Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction & ROI With Smart Technology today!  

[1] - Health Impacts of Radio Frequency Exposure From Smart Meters -  http://ccst.us/publications/2011/2011smart-final.pdf

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