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Customer Engagement Secrets from the Best Energy Companies in America

Posted on Oct 23, 2016 7:44:33 PM
The best energy companies in America all have one thing in common: they are committed to fostering customer engagement and exceptional overall service experiences. 

Many of these utility providers deliver service to millions of households and businesses across multiple states and regions. So how do they manage such a vast number of different accounts while keeping customer satisfaction and engagement levels high? The answer is more complicated than simply by providing their customers with energy. Let’s take a closer look at the best energy companies in America, and their customer engagement secrets. 

Duke Energy is Evolving to Exceed the Demands of its Customers 

Utility Name: Duke Energy

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina 

Customers: 7 million across 6 states 

For Duke Energy, customer engagement is at the heart of everything they do. Customers who sign up for their online services are able to pay and view their bills from their computer or mobile device. They are also able to modify their account when it is most convenient for them. If a customer wants to report an outage, request a streetlight repair or view outage maps, they can do so directly from any connected device, bypassing the need to call the customer care department and face potentially long wait times. By adding value and features that give control to the customer, Duke Energy has become one of the most well-known and respected utility companies in America. 

Dominion Provides Customers With the Information They Want, When They Need it 

Utility Name: Dominion Resources

Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia 

Customers: Residential and retail customers across 14 states 

Not only does Dominion Resources allow you to view and pay your bill directly from your computer or mobile device, they go a step further and send you an SMS notification as soon as your bill is available. This means Dominion Resources customers never miss a bill, and can easily make a payment as soon as they receive it. Combined with the ability to report and check outages—as well as manage their account and services whenever is convenient for them—Dominion Resources is ensuring customers stay engaged while enjoying the added bonus of reduced postage costs. 

MidAmerican Energy Makes it Easy for Customers to Connect With Them

Utility Name: MidAmerican Energy

Headquarters: Des Moines, IA

Customers: 1.4 million across 4 states 

MidAmerica Energy is focused on convenience. As soon as customers arrive at their website, they are greeted with options to pay and view their bills online, update their accounts if they are moving, and to report an outage in their neighbourhood. Their website is intuitive, cleanly laid out, and highlights the features customers deem important. They even provide an option to quickly view available rebates for customers interested in saving money. Tools like these that put the customer first are a must for any utility company with a focus on improving customer engagement and satisfaction. 

How Does Your Utility Stack up Against the Best Energy Companies in America?

If your goal is to provide superior customer engagement and satisfaction levels, then you need Capricorn. Capricorn is a self-service web portal designed with utilities in mind. This robust tool integrates seamlessly with your current billing software, and provides your customers with the ability to quickly and easily:

  • Pay and view their bills online
  • Receive service updates and notifications instantly 
  • Modify their accounts at their convenience 
  • Connect directly with your utility via online forms
  • Receive SMS notifications as soon as their bills are posted
  • And more! 

If you want to be counted among the best energy companies in America, then you need the best tools at your disposal. For more information on Capricorn, download our FREE Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction & ROI With Smart Technology today!  

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