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Top Trends in Electric Utility Software

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 11:04:00 AM

The landscape of electric utility software has changed dramatically in the last few years—and, as technology continues to evolve, we expect these changes to develop even more rapidly. If you want to keep your customers both engaged and satisfied, you need to stay aware of the latest trends in electric utility software. You also need to ensure your customers have access to the features they want. Let’s take a closer look at the top trends in electric utility software today.

Self-Service Portals - Self-service options are seeing a huge spike in popularity among utility customers. In fact, a recent study indicates that self-service usage has increased from 67% in 2012, to 76% in 2014[1]. These numbers indicate that self-service portals are less a trend and more an essential addition for any electric utility. 

Remote Account Access - Modern electric utility software makes it possible for customers to access their account when they want, where they want. Many utility customers are simply unable to visit a physical office or call their customer service department during regular office hours. Remote account access gives these customers the ability to modify their accounts at a time that is convenient for them. Not only does this capability increase engagement, it also increases customer satisfaction by allowing them to take an active role in their utilities.

Immediate Updates and Notifications - With the right electric utility software, customers can receive instant updates and notifications regarding their services. This means customers are made aware of any upcoming changes to their utility service as soon as they become available. Looking into the future, we expect this trend to evolve and incorporate a wider range of notifications. Learn more about the notifications your customers are interested in receiving in our recent survey of utility customers. 

Online Billing - Online billing gives your customers the ability to pay their bills directly from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device when it’s most convenient for them. With the right electric utility software, your customers can also sign up for pre-authorized payments, ensuring their bills are paid on time every month. 

Are You Being Smart About the Latest Electric Utility Software Trends?

Keeping a close eye on the latest trends in electric utility software can help you provide your customers with an unbeatable customer service experience. Whether you want to offer the ability for customers to pay bills online, modify their accounts remotely, or immediately send and receive important updates, the latest electric utility software makes it possible. To learn more about utility trends, download our FREE Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction & ROI With Smart Technology now!

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