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On-Demand Data Helps Customers Manage Their Utility Usage

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 11:00:00 AM

The concept of on-demand consumer services has grown exponentially in the last few years. On-demand TV and movies are entrenched in the home entertainment industry, and online shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase whenever, and wherever they are. We expect to access most services connected to our lifestyle through the internet, and this includes interacting with the companies that deliver essential services to our homes, our Utility providers.

Amidst growing online customer activity - Utilities should be aiming to satisfy increasing customer expectations and engagement.

In the on-demand economy Utility customers expect visibility into their transactions, self-service opportunities, and tools that help them control the service they are purchasing.

Utility customers want to understand, manage and alter their usage in an easy to access format. Utilities that still use classic methods for customer engagement (such as phone and direct mail) are not optimizing costs and may not be providing customers with the best solution

Having a digital solution for your Utility customer service, can help both manage demand and allow customers to track their usage. Customers feel empowered, in control, and aware of their situation. This in turn builds trust, and your Utility will be seen as more approachable, transparent and customer focused.

Conservation and demand management is an important part of Utility operations, and strategies and policies need to be put in place to help customers adjust their usage and even encourage off-peak usage. These types of programs benefit from giving consumers access to their data online.

To help Utilities reach and engage their customers we’ve developed the Capricorn Customer Portal, a self service web solution for Utilities, providing customers with both Smart Metering and regular meter information. Capricorn’s Smart Metering Module provides data to consumers who want a complete up-to-date picture of their Utility consumption. Usage management is supported with push notifications to the customer based on their own usage goals (daily, weekly, or monthly). Putting data into the hands of the consumer allows people to make smarter decisions.. 

Capricorn is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. Utility customers appreciate the ease of selecting automatic notifications, viewing detailed billing history, and managing their usage with clear graphs and data on their consumption. 

See what one of our clients thinks about our self-service customer portal:

‘The fact that SilverBlaze Solutions has been PowerStream’s vendor of choice for its customer portal and website services for more than 11 years is not by coincidence. [The Portal] Provides optimum customer support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. The project SilverBlaze recently completed for us in building a customer-centric, responsive design website and customer portal in less than four months is just one example of their outstanding work.’

PowerStream (now Alectra) serves over 900,000 customers in the GTA region.

Help your customers manage their Utility consumption and support your Demand Management objectives by implementing the Capricorn Self Service Portal for Utilities. 

To learn more about how Capricorn improves customer service, delivers positive ROI results, and increases efficiency - give us a call. We’d be pleased to speak with you, and find out more about your Utility company and your 2018 objectives to see how we could help.

To watch the video series on Capricorn click the below button - 

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