Capricorn Smart Metering Web PortalsEasily Educate Utility Customers With Capricorn

The long-term plans of any utility provider must include objectives for managing conservation and demand. These policies are designed to modify your customer’s demand for your utility’s services, and encourage customers to reduce utility usage during peak hours.

By engaging, educating, and incentivizing utility customers to monitor and adjust their consumption accordingly, Capricorn—the award-winning self-service web portal solution from SilverBlaze—provides the tools which utilities need to achieve their conservation and demand management goals.

Easy to Use - Feature Rich Portal 

Capricorn provides utility customers with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive, feature-rich hub where they can track and monitor their consumption.

This data can be broken down to provide customers with a clear picture of when and how they’re using their utilities. Once they have access to this information, customers can compare their data usage with previous years—as well as with neighbours—in an effort to reduce and better self-regulate their utility consumption.