CIS & ERP Integrations

Connect any CIS, billing, AMI/MDM, eBilling repository, online payment service and OMS with Capricorn—the web self-service portal solution for customer engagement at utilities. By providing the tools to connect to any system in your organization, Capricorn is a true one-stop portal for customers interested in quickly and conveniently accessing their account information from both mobile and desktop devices.

CIS & ERP Integration

Capricorn: Simplifying the Integration Process

Capricorn is designed to provide a quick and convenient integration progress. This is because SilverBlaze has deep roots in system integration and harmonizing disparate technologies.

Over the years we have developed a series of integration engines that make it easy for us to plugin to many types of systems and technologies.

These integration engines are at the heart of Capricorn—ensuring that your software solutions will always complement one another.