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SilverBlaze Customer Portal Mobile App

Today's consumers are expecting more from their utility providers than ever before. They want a personalized experience, access to their utility usage data, energy-saving tips, billing information and much more. Most importantly, customers want access to all these experiences directly from their mobile phone - at a time that best suits them.

Improving the User Experience

The utility customer experience is now about providing a seamless service that gives customers increased ease-of-access to their accounts and improved functionality. That's why the latest version of The SilverBlaze Customer Portal for Utilities has an optional add-on mobile app module, which can be tailored and customized for your utility based on available functionality and branding.

From a customer experience (CX) standpoint, the mobile app will be tailored to your utility requirements and made available in the Apple and Google app stores where your customers can install it on their mobile devices, as a native application, on their home screens.

Here’s just a few ways in which our innovative customer portal mobile application module will strengthen your utility’s customer experience:


Get Started

The SilverBlaze Customer Portal mobile application has been developed with a clean user-friendly design that significantly improves usability for your utility customer. New Utility customers are able to create their account, while existing customers can login, access quick payments and receive all the information they are looking for with a few simple self-service clicks on their mobile device.

Mobile Home Screen

The SilverBlaze mobile application has been specifically designed to ensure ease-of-use for your utility’s customers. Through simple, easily visible buttons on the mobile app’s navigation, customers can access crucial information, such as Bills and Payments, Transactions, Usage History & Comparisons, Self-Service Requests, Outages, Notifications, and many other features.

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Self-Service Online Forms

Customers no longer want to pick up the phone, manually dial in the number, go through the directory, and then speak to a representative to access their account information - they’d rather self-serve when it’s convenient to them. That’s why it’s crucial that your utility implements new methods to significantly reduce customer effort. Through the use of the SilverBlaze Customer Portal for Utilities mobile application, your utility customers can view their current balance, any past due amounts and see other warnings or notifications directly from their mobile device.

Smart Forms & Workflow

Smart Forms provide customers with interactive and intelligent web forms that connect to your CIS and other operations applications. Integrated workflow processing can route requests throughout your organization to the correct departments, approvers and eventually back into your CIS.

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Billing & Payment

The process of eBilling enables SilverBlaze to offer a convenient way for customers to receive their bills and make payments online and on time. The SilverBlaze mobile applications have been designed in a way that makes it incredibly convenient for customers to access, pay and view past bills on their mobile device. Utility customers can use the SilverBlaze mobile application to pay their bills with integrated payment providers in a few simple steps. This convenient approach to billing not only saves time for your customers, but it will also improve your utility’s internal processes as well.

Reduce Costs

Paperless billing (ebilling) is a highly attractive strategy for many reasons. eBilling saves time, reduces printing and mailing costs, delivers faster payments, and helps reduce costs associated with notification and collection of past due payments.

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Alerts & Notifications

Customer engagement is one of the main focus points for today’s utilities. So, what better way  to engage with your customers than to send them direct push notifications and alerts to their mobile device? Your utility can use SilverBlaze App notifications and alerts to give customers lock screen notifications on up-to-date utility outage information, share with them energy efficiency tips (if their energy usage is higher than normal) or simply remind them of upcoming or past due bills.


By proactively pushing mobile notifications and reaching out to customers on their personal device, your utility will become a partner - not just a monthly billed service. Your customers are more likely to view, react and engage with their phone or tablet notifications than Email or text messages. The SilverBlaze mobile app provides an additional exciting and powerful communication channel for your utility to engage with customers.

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The mobile app, an optional add-on to the SilverBlaze Customer Portal, is registered on the Apple and Google app stores for download.

It will provide your customers with the self-help tools they need to manage their utility usage, pay bills online and stay up-to-date with service information - all through a few simple taps on their phone.


Contact us today to learn more about implementing the new mobile app add-on for the SilverBlaze Customer Portal. We'd be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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