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Workflow Software Designed for Utility Customers

With the SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflows, your customers will no longer have to deal with time-consuming, inefficient manual processes. Instead, public, private, and municipal utilities can use smart forms to conveniently collect data and information from their customers.

The SilverBlaze Smart Forms intelligent forms are intuitive and easy-to-navigate, meaning your customers won’t need training to take advantage of their features.

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The Benefits of SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflows

Provide Timely, Accurate Responses to Customer Requests 

With SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflows, the customer service process can be automated. This allows utilities of all sizes to collect, process, and respond to customer correspondence in an efficient manner. By automating manual tasks with smart forms, you’ll also reduce the strain on your employees to route every individual customer inquiry.

Enhance the Customer Experience 

Smart forms provide your customers with tools to connect with their utility provider 24/7/365 and quickly receive a response. By putting the needs and wants of your customers first, you’ll build a level of satisfaction that will keep your customers, and your staff, happy.

Pave the Way for Process Improvement 

SilverBlaze Smart Forms conveniently provide your utility with the information and tools you need to keep customers satisfied through constant refinement to processes and infrastructure.