Solutions by Department

Streamline your workflows, improve your efficiency, and ensure your data is properly collected and compiled with Apollo workflow software. Built with utilities in mind, Apollo provides the tools your public, private, or municipal utility needs to automate manual processes. With Apollo, you can improve efficiency across departments and ensure critical information is in the right hands at all times.  


Automated Workflow Solutions for Every Department 

Thanks to a feature-rich design, you can easily integrate Apollo and enhance the existing solutions across your organization. Our workflow software optimizes resource allocation and compliance management through automating workflows and processes, all while providing a central hub to store and access important information. With Apollo, data from your intelligent forms is automatically collected, compiled, and distributed 24/7. Once complete, forms are automatically routed to the proper departments and people—eliminating the need for the manual sorting of collected data. 

Customer Service

Apollo makes it easy to put the focus on your customers by providing intelligent forms and automating your utility’s workflow processes. With Apollo, smart forms for everything from pre-authorized payments, to service requests can be completed and submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. New customers can even complete new customer agreements. Once completed, customer information is automatically collected, stored, and routed to the appropriate departments. Apollo improves efficiency across the board—increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the strain on resources.