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The Ultimate Customer Self-Service Portal for Utilities


Give your customers and employees access to the services they demand—24 hours a day, seven days a week—with the Capricorn self-service portal suite designed specifically for utilities. Completely configurable, secure, easy to integrate with your current systems, and scalable to meet your needs, Capricorn self-service portal solutions improve billing, reduce the strain on your resources, and enable a better overall customer experience.

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By increasing your service offerings, emphasizing customer engagement, and lowering your overall costs, Capricorn is an unbeatable solution for the self-service web portal needs of your utility.

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Why Capricorn Works

Convenient for Customers

In addition to providing customers with self-help tools to manage their utilities, Capricorn allows you to interact with customers in new ways—like sending push notifications for service outages, usage information, overdue payments, and more. These features improve customer satisfaction

Accessible & Easy to Integrate

Capricorn is easy to integrate with all of your existing systems, and accessible on any platform. With complete functionality on laptop, desktop, and mobile devices, Capricorn can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere.

Delivers Excellent Value

Capricorn offers a wealth of rich, customizable features that enable you to tailor your solution to your needs in an affordable package. It provides the tools needed to satisfy your customers, while quickly delivering a total return on your investment.