Multi-Service Utility Solutions

The utility industry has changed dramatically across the last decade and is still set to change moving forward, with the significance of providing great customer service, to the decline in paper billing to the rise of smart technology.

Change has come to the utility industry, so how can you keep your multi-commodity utilities up to date? Our silverblaze Customer Portal has been used by multi-commodity utilities for almost 20 years and has been developed to create a perfect customer service and engagement solution for multi-commodity utilities companies.

We have extensive experience dealing in the multi-commodity utilities industry which has allowed us to craft our silverblaze Customer Portal to work seamlessly with your systems and for your customers.

Developing and enhancing our utility experience with multiple commodities, we have been able to tailor the customer portal over the last couple of decades to suit your needs, processes and requirements to make the best and most customer centric portal we can. When you implement the silverblaze Customer Portal you will experience a 21st century approach to both the way your utility operates and how your customers interact with you.


Multiple Utility Applications One Powerful Portal

Danville Utilities provides a variety of services including electric, natural gas, and water to over 48,000 residences and businesses in a 500-square mile service area. Providing a wide range of services presented Danville Utilities with a complex challenge.

Learn how the silverblaze Customer Portal addressed Danville’s requirements, and delivered a robust and engaging platform capable of integrating multiple utility applications into a single elegant solution.

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Learn how implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal increased employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue, at an electric utility.

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