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“SilverBlaze is thoroughly engaged in understanding the needs
of our customers, and our business”

Karen Larsen, Director of Customer Service, Provo

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“Capricorn Software has become a key tool in helping our
customers understand, and manage their energy consumption and costs”

John Thomson, Customer Solutions, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro

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“We would have selected Capricorn and Apollo based
on look alone. They're very intuitive.”

Garry Symons, Director Corporate Service, Entegrus

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Customer Service & Engagement Solutions For Utility Providers

Put an end to service wait times and commit to putting customers first with Capricorn—the award-winning self-service web portal suite for utilities. Available 24/7/365, Capricorn provides utilities with customizable, easy-to-integrate, high-value solutions that enable customers to interact with their utility providers when it’s convenient for them. Discover how we can increase customer satisfaction and deliver ROI.

Customer Portals & Workflows

SilverBlaze is an award-winning software innovation, development and consulting firm. Founded in 1999, SilverBlaze provides utilities with value-focused, highly-customizable web customer portal and smart forms software.



With Capricorn self-service portals, your customers can access the information they need when it’s most convenient for them. As a completely customizable self-service web portal solution, Capricorn is designed to meet the needs of any utility provider. Whether your goal is to increase customer engagement, enable online and paperless billing for customers, allow account access from any mobile device, or to securely store and access your valuable customer data, Capricorn can help—all through a web based portal that is attractive, intuitive, feature-rich relative to cost, and easy-to-navigate.

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Apollo provides your utility with tools to completely automate your workflows and eliminate inefficient, manual processes. When you choose Apollo, you’ll be able to implement intelligent forms that automate everything from new connections, to pre-authorized payments, and service requests—all of which can be instantly routed to the right place. Regardless of whether you’re a customer service representative in an office or an engineer in the field, with Apollo, the information you need will always be directly at your fingertips.

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Guides & Case Studies

The Complete Guide to Self Service portals

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The Future of Customer Engagement for Utilities

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Enhancing Efficiency and Satisfaction with Customer Self-Service

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Smart Consumers Look for Smart Solutions to Manage Utility Consumption

In our previous blog, “Easy to Use & Mobile-Friendly; What Millennials Want From Their Utility Customer Portal”, we looked at how Millennials are changing customer service. This week, let’s go a bit deeper into the technology trend that’s shifting the utility market. The more tech savvy and environmentally conscious the world becomes, the more interested customers are in managing their energy...Read more

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