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Improve Customer Engagement With Push Notifications and Alerts

Focus on customer engagement by offering seamless mobile access to customer utility accounts with the silverblaze Customer Portal. Featuring an easy-to-navigate, fully-functional mobile interface, the silverblaze Customer Portal provides mobile access to a customer’s utility account, displays chart usage data, and allows customers to pay their bills directly from their smartphones or tablets.

Hand-in-hand with mobile access, utilities can provide their customers with important information instantly via push notifications. These notifications can inform customers when their paperless bill is available, of upcoming planned outages, usage updates, and more—something they’ll really appreciate.

By keeping customers up-to-date on pertinent information, overall customer satisfaction increases.

The silverblaze Customer Portal push notifications allow utility providers to instantly notify their customers if they are exceeding their usage goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These notifications create more customer engagement. Rather than getting one paper bill a month, the customer feels more engaged, and the utility is providing a well-rounded customer experience.

When customers are informed every step of the way, utility providers can ensure customers are making smarter decisions—helping everyone meet their conservation and demand management goals. Notifications and alerts are a key component to digital customer service, creating more positive and timely contact with utility customers.

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PowerStream has always embraced innovation, and they need solutions that will help them meet their ambitious goals quickly, and on budget. Since implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal, PowerStream has introduced:

The My Account portal, making it easier for residential and commercial customers to monitor their account activity

silverblaze Enhances Customer Engagement Platform with ACE Merger

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silverblaze has evolved substantially over the past year and a half and is now excited to formally announce its merger with Harris Utilities’ Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) platform to enhance its customer engagement platform.

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Learn how implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal increased employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue, at an electric utility.

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