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Help Customers Understand Their Usage Data

Supply customers with second-to-none self-service access to their utility information with regular meter and smart meter consumption information accessed through the silverblaze Customer Portal. With a focus on customer engagement— our portal allows customers to view usage data that helps them make beneficial, cost-saving decisions on how and when they use their utilities.

With consumption readings from traditional and smart meters, customers gain easy access to detailed data, patterns and insight into how much water, electricity, gas or other utilities they are using.

Once collected, this data can be:

Displayed via interactive consumption charts

Charted and downloaded using the Green Button format for a customer’s personal records

Helpful to customers to reduce their footprint or modify their usage to save money

Capricorn Customer Portal for Utilities - Customer Analytics

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Additionally, through the Smart Metering module, customers can sign up for predicted billing, which helps regulate their monthly billing amount. Secure in the knowledge that they can view their predicted bill amount at any time, customer satisfaction increases across the board.



PowerStream has always embraced innovation, and they need solutions that will help them meet their ambitious goals quickly, and on budget. Since implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal, PowerStream has introduced:

The My Account portal, making it easier for residential and commercial customers to monitor their account activity

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Learn how implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal increased employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue, at an electric utility.

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