Smart Video Experience

Each month, you bill your customers. But, once that bill is sent, how do you know your customers have read and understood that bill? Modern technologies and retail consumer trends are changing the way organizations interact with their customers. Web portals, email, and text help to reduce call volume, increase productivity and improve employee morale. But did you know your customers will understand their bills better with a personalized video? According to Forbes, a video with calls-to-action is 95% more effective than any other form of communication.

Harris SmartVx is a video experience platform that revolutionizes how organizations engage and inform their customers. SmartVx drives desired behavior by delivering personalized videos with embedded calls-to-action. SmartVx offers industry specific video templates as well as agile video creation, unleashing the potential of video to make meaningful connections, change consumer behavior, and compel customers to act.

With just a few clicks, videos can be created and shared through:

  • Email
  • Text (SMS)
  • Web portals

Reach and inform more customers in less time through personalized videos, improving operational efficiencies and customer experiences. In less time than it takes your team to answer the phone each month, you can make it easy for your customers to:

  • Onboard with your organization
  • Understand their bills
  • Make online payments and setup auto-pay
  • Sign up for self-serve portal
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Sign up for budget billing
  • Register for programs and incentives

Engage your customers with video!

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The silverblaze Solution

The best way to experience the silverblaze Customer Portal is with a personalized demo. Our team will walk you through the silverblaze solution, so you can see first-hand the comprehensive features, and the attractive, easy-to-use design.

Your demo will include viewing features such as bill presentment, bill payment, payment alerts, Smart metering activity, time of use stats, and more. We look forward to showing you the silverblaze Customer Portal and answering your questions.