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Experience the Award-Winning Customer Engagement Platform for Utility Providers

SilverBlaze has evolved substantially over the last year and a half, with the addition of new add-ons and features that significantly improve the utility consumer experience and enhance how utility providers operate. 

Are you looking to; 

  • reduce call volume;
  • increase meter to cash;
  • increase customer engagement;
  • increase customer satisfaction;
  • and positively influence customer behaviour through greater conservation?

We understand how difficult improving all of these areas of your business can be. That’s why we’ve merged with the Harris Utilities’ Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) platform to drive next-generation utility results. 

Adaptive Consumer Engagement platform

ACE is the next-generation customer engagement platform that combines data management, insightful analytics and behavioural science to motivate consumers to make simple changes to their daily routines, saving both consumers and utility providers money.

The SilverBlaze customer engagement portal, with the addition of the features and functionality of ACE, helps utility providers to  maximize customer engagement, improve customer service, increase financial performance and achieve improved operational efficiency.  What's not to love!

Interested in learning more? Watch our video above on how the SilverBlaze - ACE merger can help utilities better engage the communities they serve. 

Position your utility as the trusted utility supplier in the area that you operate!

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Your customers can access the information they need when it’s most convenient for them. As a completely customizable self-service web portal solution, the SilverBlaze Customer Portal offers features customers demand, including: e-billing, payment, customer usage, and more.


Billing & Payment

Paperless billing (ebilling) is a highly attractive strategy for many reasons.

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Conservation & Demand

The long-term plans of any utility provider must include objectives for managing conservation and demand.

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Customer Usage & Analytics

With consumption readings from traditional and smart meters, customers gain easy access to detailed data, patterns and insight.

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Notifications & Alerts

By keeping customers up-to-date on pertinent information, overall customer satisfaction increases.

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Smart Forms

Ensure your utility customers are able to send and receive the information they need quickly and conveniently, with SilverBlaze Smart Forms, built with our workflow software. These beautiful and easy to navigate forms improve customer experience.


Customer Service

Completely customizable forms for automating workflows improve customer service levels and customer satisfaction.

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Finance & Billing

Smart Forms collect, interpret, and securely store financial data provided by your customers to your back-end systems.

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Engineering & Operations

Your engineering department keeps your utility services running, so ensure they always have access to the most up-to-date information possible.

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Workflows & Approvals

With SilverBlaze you can build custom forms and workflows for any situation, ensuring you’ll always have the processes in place to streamline your operations.

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Comprehensive and featured rich add-ons for the SilverBlaze Customer Portal include smart metering, demand and outage integration, telecom, and our content management system.


Smart Meter

Our smart meter add-on provides your customers with a tool to track their usage, reduce their footprint, and lower their costs.

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Commercial and Industrial Demand

Our CI Demand module is designed specifically for large commercial, industrial and institutional accounts where energy demand management and monitoring are critical.

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Outage Integration

The Utility Outage Management System (OMS) module provides a web interface for outage notifications, with an outage map.

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Content Management

The SilverBlaze CMS allows your utility to create and implement websites with modern designs using responsive and adaptive templates. 

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Some of Our Clients


Provo City has a great customer engagement platform with the Customer Portal software for utilities. This provides convenience for key tasks, and serves to educate and inform our electric and water customers – all of which is very important to us. SilverBlaze is thoroughly engaged in understanding the needs of our customers, and our business.

- Karen Larsen, Director of Customer Service, Provo

NPEI is in the process of launching efficient customer request facilities utilizing SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflow utility web forms, which are easily tailored to meet our corporate business requirements. Continually improving of the customer experience is our goal, ad working with a knowledgeable industry vendor like SilverBlaze provides a successful path to that end.

- Margaret Battista, Vice President Customer Services & Information Technology, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. NPC

We would have selected the solutions based on look alone. They’re very intuitive. We wanted to ensure people could make good use of our site and The Customer Portal and Smart Forms helped us achieve that goal.

- Garry Symons, Director of Corporate Service at Entegrus