Implementation of the silverblaze Customer Portal - CIS and ERP Integrations

Connect any CIS, billing, AMI/MDM, eBilling repository, online payment service and OMS with the silverblaze Customer Portal— the web self-service portal solution for customer engagement.

By providing the tools to connect to any system in your organization, our web portal helps utility customers conveniently access their account information from both mobile and desktop devices.

Simplifying the Integration Process
silverblaze Engagement Solutions are designed to provide a quick and convenient integration progress. This is because silverblaze has deep roots in system integration and harmonizing disparate technologies.

Over the years we have developed a series of integration engines that make it easy for us to plugin to many types of systems and technologies. These integration engines are at the heart of our portal—ensuring that your software solutions will always complement one another.

silverblaze Takes Care of Integration for You

When you choose the silverblaze Customer Portal, silverblaze will setup and configure your integration engines depending on what you want to show on your customer dashboard. “Lights-out” integration to your internal systems can be set for scheduled data transfers or real-time access based on the capabilities those systems.

The following integration engines are available for silverblaze customers:

  • CIS / Billing system integration
  • AMI / MDM integration
  • eBilling Repository integration
  • Online Payment service integration
  • OMS integration

Implementation of silverblaze Smart Forms and Workflows

Web forms built with silverblaze are designed with end users in mind—intuitively designed for ease of use, and to easily integrate with your existing systems. Once integrated, silverblaze Smart Forms provide customers with the tools they need to quickly and conveniently connect with their utility provider—making it easier than ever to complete service requests, bill payments, account updates, and more.

Form integration: Ensuring Your Data is Working for You 

silverblaze Smart Forms are designed to work in concert with the data your customers provide. Rather than requiring users to enter information free-form, smart forms can simplify the process by leveraging your organization’s information—improving both the customer and the employee experience. 

A few common examples of integration in forms include:

  • Address lookups
  • Field lists (Selects/Searches/Type ahead).
  • Validations based upon your organizations data and rules.
  • Web Service calls for field values and validations.

Processing Integration: Connecting Disparate Systems silverblaze Smart Forms 

When you choose a new solution, it’s important that it works seamlessly with your current software. silverblaze brings together disparate software solutions, ensuring harmony when systems across your utility interact with one another. 

A few practical examples of processing integration in action include:

  • Calling Web Services
  • Producing data, for consumption by other systems.
  • Generating PDF versions of the forms for consumption by a document management system

The silverblaze Solution

The best way to experience the silverblaze Customer Portal is with a personalized demo. Our team will walk you through the silverblaze solution, so you can see first-hand the comprehensive features, and the attractive, easy-to-use design.

Your demo will include viewing features such as bill presentment, bill payment, payment alerts, Smart metering activity, time of use stats, and more. We look forward to showing you the silverblaze Customer Portal and answering your questions.

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