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About SilverBlaze

About SilverBlaze

Get to Know SilverBlaze

SilverBlaze Solutions is an award-winning software innovation, development and consulting firm. Founded in 1999, SilverBlaze provides utilities with value-focused, highly-customizable web self-service portal and smart forms software.

As a leader in customer engagement and collaboration, we specialize in providing self-service portal and intelligent form software to electric, water, gas, telecom and multi-service utility companies. Over the past 19 years, SilverBlaze has successfully empowered clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean to maximize customer engagement. Learn more about the diverse roster of clients SilverBlaze has helped succeed.

About SilverBlaze

Our Solutions

SilverBlaze offers comprehensive software solutions for utilities—the SilverBlaze Customer Portal, and SilverBlaze Smart Forms and Workflows. These products can work independently and in concert with one another to make it even easier to serve your customers. Add-on modules are also available such as Smart Meter, Commercial & Industrial Demand, Outage Integration, Telecom and CMS.

SilverBlaze enables customer engagement through self-service web portals that connect customers with utility providers on any device. Intuitive and feature-rich, the SilverBlaze Customer Portal integrates with any CIS, billing, and Smart Meter platform. SilverBlaze provides customers a central hub with the self-help tools they need to manage their own accounts. From here, they can receive paperless bills, make payments and view their consumption patterns and history. It also allows you to send out push notifications regarding payments, service outages, and usage. Completely functional directly out of the box, SilverBlaze streamlines your utility processes, reduces costs, extends your service to a 24/7 model, and increases customer satisfaction.

The SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflow enterprise framework, fully automates document-heavy business workflow processes. Seamlessly integrating with internal systems, smart forms provides a powerful platform for smart web forms to intelligently route information. With SilverBlaze Smart Forms, you can automate commonly used customer forms, including pre-authorized payments, move-out notifications, outage reporting, and more. Each form is totally customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your customers’ (or your organization’s) unique needs—resulting in unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.

To learn how we can help you meet your organization’s objectives with smart software solutions,

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Danville Case Study

Featured Case Study

Multiple Utility Applications One Powerful Portal

Danville Utilities provides a variety of services including electric, natural gas, and water to over 48,000 residences and businesses in a 500-square mile service area. Providing a wide range of services presented Danville Utilities with a complex challenge.

Learn how the SilverBlaze Customer Portal addressed Danville’s requirements, and delivered a robust and engaging platform capable of integrating multiple utility applications into a single elegant solution.

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The Top Benefits of a Customer Portal for Water Utilities

A customer service portal, like the SilverBlaze Customer Portal for Utilities, is a web-based customer-facing system that enables water utility companies to interact with, and serve their customers - while also empowering customers to serve themselves.

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SilverBlaze Utility Solutions

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