How to Optimize Your Telecom Utilities Spend with Analytics

telecom utilities

For telecommunication utilities that want to reign in spending, there typically isn’t much low-hanging fruit to be found. In a fiercely competitive industry that demands perpetual upgrades and improvements, operational costs tend to only move in one direction—up. That said, there are always steps to take toward the goal of optimizing spend. In this guide, […]

Reducing Utility Costs with Real-Time Data Monitoring and Analysis

Data Monitoring

Today’s utility customers have more options for selecting service providers. They’re also more committed than ever before to conservative consumption. Meanwhile, utilities face an increasing need to replace aging infrastructure and upgrade operations to keep pace with evolving standards and regulations.  Given the current climate of the industry, there’s an increased focus on reducing costs.  […]

Tips for Creating a Streamlined Utility Billing System

utility billing system

Every utility provider needs a billing system that efficiently uses company resources and is user-friendly for customers. However, for many utilities, billing system inefficiencies are a major pain point for customers, a headache for staff, and a drain on the company’s bottom line.   Streamlined billing involves selecting an appropriate software system and effectively utilizing its […]

Why Automatic Meter Reading Systems Are Essential for Utility Management in 2023

advanced metering infrastructure

For many decades, manual utility meter reading was the only consumption tracking option for utility companies. Thankfully, now we have automatic meter reading (AMR), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and smart meter technology.  It would be difficult to overstate the impact of these technologies that have revolutionized information exchange between utilities and consumers.  Traditional metering—consisting of […]

An In-Depth Look at Utility Self Service Portals: Past, Present, Future

utility self service portal

If your electric, water, telecom or gas utility company is considering incorporating a self-service portal into your business strategy, or you’re considering replacing your company’s platform with one that’s more up-to-date, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with self-service web portals and how they work. On a fundamental level, self-service portals offer two main advantages to […]

The Smart Home Revolution – What is a Smart Utility Consumer?

smart consumer

As the world becomes increasingly tech-savvy and environmentally conscious, consumers are seeking more control over their consumption patterns. This is tied closely to what is known as the “smart home revolution.” The utilities industry now has a huge opportunity to take a leading role in not only making its own energy cleaner, but helping customers […]

The Role of Data Analytics in Effective Utility Management

benefits of data analytics

We live in an era where data has become as essential as electricity or water in driving our day-to-day lives. Its influence spans across industries and sectors, enabling breakthroughs that once seemed improbable. One such sector where data has begun to shine, quite literally, is utility management. The utilities industry, known for its traditional methodologies, […]

What is a WCAG Certification? Why it Matters for Utilities

WCAG Audit

In an era where digital connectivity permeates every facet of life, it’s increasingly crucial that everyone can seamlessly access and navigate online spaces. This necessity brings to the forefront a globally recognized set of guidelines known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), integral to fostering digital inclusivity. At its core, WCAG is a detailed […]

How AMI Technology Helps You Better Manage Your Utilities

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

As utility administrators, the complexities of utility management are a given. Daily operations often revolve around handling data, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. One game-changing solution at the forefront of streamlining these challenges is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). With a promising future and myriad benefits, AMI stands as a formidable ally for utility management. Advanced […]

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