Utility Sector Trends for 2018 and Beyond

March 20, 2018


Technology has been a catalyst in altering customer expectations and in creating disruptions in many industries. Web apps and websites have opened customers’ eyes to the possibilities of a more convenient and connected digital age, from Uber, to Amazon, to Netflix, to AirBnB; the way companies interact with their customers is constantly evolving. New on-demand services, less than a decade old, are now firmly established in our lifestyles. Increasing customer engagement is a trend for all service organizations.

Technology has also created opportunities for traditional services, like power, water, gas and telecom utilities, to engage with their customers and create better experiences via Smart metering, billing, notifications about outages and online payment (PWC, 2017). Combine this with developments in building and device automation, energy management and consumption, and there are many new opportunities for adding value, strengthening customer service, and creating potential revenue streams for utilities in 2018, and beyond.

Energy management innovations, from Smart home app-based devices such as thermostats and lighting, to new storage battery options, have been growing at an incredible rate.

Consumers are not generally hesitant to implement home technology, and to match the demand, utilities are starting to integrate Smart metering and other devices into their offerings as fast as they can, and without disruption. Utilities and their customers need to both be clear about expectations. Consumers want to manage consumption, and have access to data and analytics to help track, change and visualize their usage (Accenture, 2017).

Our new ebook, “Utility Sector Trends for 2018 and Beyond” identifies and discusses important trends that will influence the utility industry, including: Smart Homes, Artificial Intelligence, and Service Based Models.

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With innovative technology leading the pack as one of the largest forces of change for utility companies – it’s essential to understand the impact and look ahead. We hope you find our new eBook helpful and informative.

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