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The Benefits of Utility Smart Metering

Smart metering solutions measure and communicate a customer’s utility usage through an advanced metering infrastructure in order to help them better understand their consumption. With a smart meter, a customer’s utility usage can be accurately logged and reported back to their utility provider on a daily basis.

Smart metering does away with estimated readings, meaning you’ll only ever be charged for what you consume during your billing period. This advanced meter reading software provides a high level of accuracy, helping customers make more informed decisions about how they use their utilities. By offering access to detailed, easy-to-understand data that provides insight into water, electricity, gas, and other utility usage patterns, customers can visually chart how much they consume, adjust their usage, save money, and reduce their footprint.


Smart utility metering solutions also allow customers to sign up for predicted billing and receive automated notifications if they are experiencing high usage. This is especially useful if a customer is nearing their allocated monthly usage amounts, as it allows them to quickly make adjustments to avoid additional costs while also feeling more in control of their utility usage.

At OMU we wanted a web portal that was full featured plus. Our customers expect the standard information and functionality, such as bills and payments. However, with the SilverBlaze Customer Portal our customers get so much more. We are very pleased with the SilverBlaze Customer Portal and its continuing development.

Ben Hill
Owensboro Municipal Utilities

SilverBlaze Smart Metering Module

The SilverBlaze Smart Metering module also allows utility companies to notify customers should high usage occur. For example, if a customer is nearing a monthly allocated usage amount, they can be sent an automatic push notification. From here, they can make adjustments in order to avoid additional costs, ensuring they feel in control of their usage.

With SilverBlaze Smart Metering, customers can also compare and contrast the prices of different billing plans based on their usage. With the price plan comparison tool, customers can choose the appropriate utility plan or package based on their specific needs.

Smart Metering Made Easy!
If your utility already uses smart metering or is planning on implementing it in the future, the SilverBlaze Smart Metering module can help. It provides your customers with the tools they need to track their usage, reduce their footprint, and lower their costs. The end result is customers who are more engaged with their utility provider, as well as more satisfied.
The Smart Meter For Smart Homes

The ‘Smart home’ trend is an integral part of the on-demand economy; putting data, monitoring, and management in the hands of consumers. As Utility customers experience the benefits of features such as consumption monitoring, their relationship strengthens with their respective provider.

SilverBlaze is highly focused on helping utility companies deliver a customer-centric experience that consumers love to use.

Danville Case Study

Featured Case Study

Multiple Utility Applications One Powerful Portal

Danville Utilities provides a variety of services including electric, natural gas, and water to over 48,000 residences and businesses in a 500-square mile service area. Providing a wide range of services presented Danville Utilities with a complex challenge.

Learn how the SilverBlaze Customer Portal addressed Danville’s requirements, and delivered a robust and engaging platform capable of integrating multiple utility applications into a single elegant solution.

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