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Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dan Mair

Vice President

Dan is the President and a founding partner at SilverBlaze, a fast-growing company in Toronto with clients in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Dan oversees the strategic direction of SilverBlaze focusing on establishing SilverBlaze as a leader, with solid financials and a strategic plan for continued growth.

Dan oversees the Customer Portal team. Dan and his team focus on providing outstanding customer service and developing innovative solutions for utilities across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

With over 20 years of experience in web technologies and dozens of successful project implementations under his belt, Dan has a passion for building elegantly simple user experiences for complex technology solutions.

Neil Atkinson

Director, Research & Development

Neil leads the SilverBlaze Smart Forms practice for SilverBlaze. He is responsible for the Smart Forms strategic direction, innovation and customer satisfaction. As one of the founding partners of SilverBlaze, he provides leadership and management for company initiatives.

Neil has over 25 years of experience in software development and project management. He has provided exceptional solutions for multiple industries including finance, insurance, property management, government and utility providers. In 2000, Neil lead the team that envisioned the dynamic Smart Forms and workflow platform for the SilverBlaze Customer Portal.

Neil graduated from the Information Processing program at John Abbot College in Montreal, Quebec.

Joey Li

Manager, Research & Development

Joey oversees the ongoing efforts of our development team. He is responsible for project planning and resource allocation and implementing project outputs in line with stakeholder expectations and client requirements. Joey pushes his team to drive high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient project deliverables while supporting product owners to ensure timelines and budgets are met on both sides.

Joey is passionate about software development and staying on top of emerging technology trends.  He has been with SilverBlaze for over 6 years and has been involved in the software development field for over 10 years. He has been an integral piece to the company from the start as he co-designed and developed a brand new version of a self-service web portal for the energy and utility sector as a generic product that can plugin to any Customer Information Systems (CIS), Billing, and Smart Meter platforms.

The SilverBlaze Solution

The best way to experience the SilverBlaze Customer Portal is with a personalized demo. Our team will walk you through the SilverBlaze solution, so you can see first-hand the comprehensive features, and the attractive, easy-to-use design.

Your demo will include viewing features such as bill presentment, bill payment, payment alerts, Smart metering activity, time of use stats, and more. We look forward to showing you the SilverBlaze Customer Portal and answering your questions.

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