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Looking for an eBilling Solution for your Utility Company?

Posted on Sep 25, 2017 8:49:00 AM

Paperless billing (ebilling) is a highly attractive strategy for many reasons. eBilling saves time, reduces printing and mailing costs, delivers faster payments, and helps reduce costs associated with notification and collection of past due payments. Offering self-serve account information also reduces the strain on customer service departments. Any continuous service delivered to consumers is a candidate for an ebilling solution: electrical power, waterworks, gas, and telecommunications.

Capricorn is a comprehensive web platform - specially designed for Utility providers who want to offer convenient services such as ebilling, usage / consumption tracking, and increase customer engagement.

Capricorn is a front-end experience that is integrated into the Utility company’s back-end business systems including: accounting, usage metering, and customer service. It’s a white labeled multi-device platform that can be fully customized with corporate branding, to create a truly unique customer portal - viewable on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Designed with the customer in mind, Capricorn has been created with a clean and modern looking interface, that is straightforward to navigate, and intuitive to use.

Are you interested in offering your Utility customers the option of paperless billing? Utility billing and payments is one of Capricorn’s core features.

When you choose Capricorn, we will set up your ebill presentment and ebill payment integrations - including PDF bill repositories, links to banking sites, and prefered online payment processors for credit cards, debit cards and eCheques.

The bills and payment section of the web portal dashboard provides a copy of all bills, and bill inserts, as well as links to online banking institutions. Capricorn’s transaction tab highlights your customer’s account activity, showing what they paid for - and when they paid it.

Studies show that over 65% of consumers would likely adopt paperless billing if the system provided email notifications. Capricorn’s secure email engine allows your Utility to customize all bill notifications including new bills, upcoming bills and past due notices.

The Capricorn customer portal for Utilities offers exceptional convenience and features for Utility billing and payments. Customers have access to ebilling and online payment functionality 24/7/365, and they can resolve most billing questions themselves, by viewing their account activity and usage information online - in real time.

When you implement a portal solution you want it to be used - to capture ROI and deliver real benefits. Capricorn was designed to be easy to use, easy to navigate, with an attractive layout of information - customer’s enjoy using Capricorn and this translates to a high adoption.

To learn more about ebilling and other features that Capricorn provides, schedule a personal demo below.

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