The Smart Home Revolution – What is a Smart Utility Consumer?

August 7, 2023
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As the world becomes increasingly tech-savvy and environmentally conscious, consumers are seeking more control over their consumption patterns. This is tied closely to what is known as the “smart home revolution.”

The utilities industry now has a huge opportunity to take a leading role in not only making its own energy cleaner, but helping customers to accomplish their own energy savings goals as well.

“Industry leaders should bring into focus the role they want their companies to play in this new energy ecosystem, the path to get there and how to bring stakeholders along on the journey. The industry has the opportunity to be the author of its own energy transition story, rather than allowing others to define the narrative.”

The Smart Home Revolution

One of the driving forces behind the smart home revolution is the expansion of smart devices and customer-focused platforms. Consumers are seeking a seamless and intuitive experience when it comes to managing their utilities, and companies that fail to deliver this risk losing customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Smart devices have made it possible for consumers to manage their energy consumption in real-time, from anywhere, using their mobile devices. With smart meters, for example, consumers can monitor their energy usage in real-time, receive alerts when they are close to reaching their usage limits, and make changes to their consumption patterns accordingly.

Smart thermostats are another example of a smart device that can help consumers manage their energy consumption. These devices learn the habits of the household and automatically adjust the temperature to reduce energy usage when no one is home, or at night when people are asleep.

Customer-Focused Platforms

To truly capitalize on the smart home trend, utility companies need to shift away from traditional models and move towards platforms that prioritize customer needs and preferences.

At silverblaze, we offer our innovative Customer Portal for Utilities, a user-friendly platform that empowers consumers to take control of their energy consumption. With consumption readings from traditional and smart meters, customers gain access to detailed data and insights on their water, electricity, gas, and other utility usage.

In addition, the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities includes usage alert notifications. For example, if a customer is approaching their monthly usage limit, they’ll receive an automatic push notification, allowing them to better manage their consumption and avoid unexpected bills.

Consumption management features include:
⦁ Neighborhood usage comparisons
⦁ Year-on-year usage comparisons
⦁ Detailed and intuitive charts
⦁ Local temperature chart overlays
⦁ Meter reading submission with access control by meter
⦁ Optional push notifications for usage alerts
The Smart Home Revolution and the On-Demand Economy

The smart home revolution is a fundamental aspect of the on-demand economy, empowering consumers with data, monitoring, and management capabilities. As utility customers experience the benefits of smart home features like consumption monitoring, their relationship with their provider strengthens.

The on-demand economy is driven by the desire for instant gratification, convenience, and control. The ability to manage one’s energy consumption in real-time from anywhere, using a mobile device, is a prime example of how the on-demand economy is transforming the utility market.

At silverblaze, we’re dedicated to helping utility companies provide a customer-centric experience that meets and exceeds consumers’ expectations. Our customer portal platform is designed to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience for consumers, while also providing utilities with the data and insights they need to improve their operations.

The smart home revolution is transforming the utility market and empowering consumers to take control of their energy consumption patterns. Smart devices and customer-focused platforms are driving this trend, enabling consumers to manage their energy consumption in real-time, from anywhere, using their mobile devices. By embracing this trend, utility companies can strengthen their relationships with customers and achieve long-term success in a rapidly changing market.

By prioritizing customer needs and preferences and offering user-friendly platforms that deliver detailed data and insights, utilities can strengthen their relationships with customers and achieve long-term success.

At silverblaze, we’re committed to helping utility companies navigate this transformation and provide a customer-centric experience that meets and exceeds consumers’ expectations. Book a demo today, and learn how our Customer Portal for Utilities can do just that.

It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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