CS Week

What Is CS Week?

CS Week is the premier annual educational and customer service conference serving electric, gas and water/wastewater utility professionals across North America and around the world. CS Week provides learning and networking opportunities in support of the utility CX Puzzle: Billing & Payments, Contact Center, Credit & Collections, Digital Engagement, Disruptors, Field Services, and Strategies & Analytics.

Our Venues

In-Person Events: May 1 – 5, 2023

CS Week offers a multitude of educational opportunities for the utility customer service industry. Visit their website learn more and visit each unique venue.

CS Week also hosts the largest Exhibit Hall in the industry.

Exhibitors fill the 100,000+ SF Exhibit Hall, which functions as a daily destination for fun and networking as well as the most current industry products, services and information.

What Makes Us Different?
CS Week content is created by utility professionals for utility professionals. Course offerings range from basics for supervisors or managers taking on new responsibilities to the latest complexities facing customer service functions in an ever-changing technological world. CS Week is about learning, networking, and maximizing opportunities to take back to the office.

View our CS Week Attendee Perspectives videos to hear thoughts and opinions from actual CS Week Attendees.

C-level executives, VPs, managers, directors and all levels of customer service personnel, marketing, rates & regulations, call centers, collections, e-business, B2B, technology development and application support professionals benefit from comprehensive programs designed to enhance their productivity and effectiveness as key personnel. Attendees gain insights from knowledgeable speakers, profit from solutions and ideas shared amongst peers and expand their awareness of the latest trends and technologies.

CS Week brings together the largest number of exhibitors and consultants dedicated to customer service and IT in the utility industry, providing each attendee the opportunity to learn about the newest technologies and solutions on the market.

Due to the invaluable support of its many sponsors each year, the CS Week venue registration fees remain the best value of any educational event in the industry.

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