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Optimize with Workflows and Approvals

The strain your utility company faces due to inefficient, manual processes can easily be alleviated by automated forms and workflows that come standard with SilverBlaze Smart Forms.

We recognize that every utility has its own unique challenges to deal with, and because of this, sometimes only a customized solution will do. Luckily, SilverBlaze’s second-to-none flexibility allows you to build custom forms and workflows for any situation, ensuring you’ll always have the processes in place to streamline your operations.

SilverBlaze Smart Forms Caters to Your Utility’s Complete Needs

There are certain forms and workflows that every utility will need, regardless of their size or the services they provide. Traditionally, these forms and workflows focus on customer service, billing, and engineering departments. That said, SilverBlaze offers an extended variety of forms and workflows to utilities that encompass a wide variety of departments and needs.

SilverBlaze Workflows

Information Technology

Provide your IT department with tools to stay ahead of their workload—reducing employee strain and maximizing resources—with SilverBlaze Smart Forms. With our intelligent forms and workflows, you can monitor:

  • Data Access Approvals
  • Help Desk Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Purchasing Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource and Time Tracking

SilverBlaze Smart Forms can reduce your technology costs, automate workloads, and help your team manage projects based on priority. It also provides robust search capabilities, providing team members with detailed history logging audits.

Human Resources

Focus more on recruiting and retaining the best staff, and less on document-heavy processes. Our intelligent, configurable web forms can help your HR department manage a wide assortment of processes, including:

  • Benefit Management
  • Employee Change Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Skills and Competency Development
  • Vacation and Leave Requests

By implementing intelligent forms and automating HR processes, you can accurately and securely capture data, while eliminating errors and redundant tasks. SilverBlaze Smart Forms brings standards to HR processes, and helps you adhere to your policies and procedures.   


At the executive level, information needs to be available around the clock. SilverBlaze uses intelligent forms and workflows to ensure your executives spend less time looking for information and more time taking action with it. With SilverBlaze Smart Forms, you can automate:

  • Budget and Forecast Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operational Planning
  • Policy Compliance Management
  • Strategic Plan Approvals

By reducing information gaps and bottlenecks, time-sensitive decisions at the executive level can be made confidently. All-important data can be stored in one central hub that is both secure, yet easy to navigate with the proper credentials.

Automate Any Workflow with SilverBlaze Smart Forms

If you don’t see the solution you need mentioned above, it can easily be built thanks to SilverBlaze’s feature-rich and intuitive design. Once implemented, your workflows and intelligent forms can eliminate redundant processes, reduce the strain on any department, and ensure critical data is compiled, stored, and routed securely. The end result is a utility streamlined, efficient, and better able to service the needs of your staff and customers.

See SilverBlaze Smart Forms in action for yourself. Schedule your live demo today.

“NPEI is in the process of launching efficient customer request facilities utilizing SilverBlaze utility customer web forms, which are easily tailored to meet our corporate business requirements. Continually improving of the customer experience is our goal, ad working with a knowledgeable industry vendor like SilverBlaze provides a successful path to that end.” -Margaret Battista, Vice President Customer Services & Information Technology, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

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Learn how the SilverBlaze Customer Portal addressed Danville’s requirements, and delivered a robust and engaging platform capable of integrating multiple utility applications into a single elegant solution.

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