Data Security For Utility Providers: Is Your Customer Portal Secure?

November 12, 2019


Data security is vital for small, medium and large businesses, and utility providers are no different. Protecting your customer data is not only important for customer satisfaction metrics, it’s also required by Canadian law. 

Cybercrime can also have a huge impact on your utility’s bottom line. Research from Cybersecurity Ventures found cybercrime will cost the world in excess of $6 trillion each year by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Meanwhile, data published on Wikipedia estimates the average cost of one single data breach will be over $150 million by 2020.

When you’re looking for the right self-service customer portal solution for your utility, you need to know that every last piece of your customers’ data is secure. 

With the right self-service web portal, you’ll have access to a robust set of security features, so you can rest assured your customer’s private information is protected. 

Your self-service web portal will keep your data safe

Ensuring that the information your self-service web portal collects is safely stored is an important step in gaining and maintaining the trust of your customers. Any personal data you collect from your customers should be stored in a centralized, secure location.

That means your data will never be compromised, and your customers will trust you with their information. With trust, your customers are more likely to feel positive about their interactions with your utility. 

Who can access customer data?

Simply put, only customers and authorized employees should be able to access any information collected through your self-service web portal.

A secure self-service web portal should provide customers with the ability to confidently access and make changes to their personal information on any device, as well as sign up for eBilling without worrying about their data falling into the wrong hands.

If a customer is secure in the knowledge that their personal information is safely stored, they’re more likely to provide it. In turn, with more information available your utility will be able to deliver a tailored and personalized experience. 

Tough testing keeps self-service web portals secure 

In order to ensure your utility’s customer portal is up to the task of serving your organization, the software should undergo extensive penetration testing.

A penetration test aggressively seeks out flaws and vulnerabilities in a web application that an attacker could potentially exploit. These tests are used to maintain high levels of security in your self-service web portal through identifying and eliminating any vulnerabilities that are discovered. 

Trust silverblaze’s innovative customer portal

Security is absolutely paramount for any utility provider hoping to provide their customers with the self-service experience they demand. Because of this, utility providers need to choose a self-service web portal solution that is built with their specific needs in mind.

The silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities is that solution.

Rigorously tested to ensure high levels of security, our innovative customer portal can safely be used to collect data and information from your customers, and once compiled, that information can only be accessed with proper authorization.

The end result is a system that you and your customers can trust, ensuring a better overall experience for everyone involved.

To learn more about how our customer portal’s security features can benefit your utility, contact our team of experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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