Improve Utility Customer Experience (CX) with Smart Forms & Workflow

November 29, 2017


“Customer experience (CX) refers to a customer’s experience with a company or brand, at all touchpoints. CX design focuses on creating an optimal experience for customers at all such touchpoints.” Interaction Design Foundation.

Customer experience should be at the forefront of your Utility’s customer engagement plan to ensure that your customers have a positive interaction with your brand every time they visit your website, customer portal, or even place a phone call.Over the past decade the Utility market has seen a dramatic change in the way it delivers services, implementing leading technology, and responding to higher customer expectations. Making sure your Utility doesn’t fall behind is more critical than ever.

For the most part, digital platforms are all about transactions and communication. How can you create back-end processes to ensure smooth, easy to execute transactions, and provide timely communications that deliver key information or messages that matter.

Our Smart Form and Workflow software allows you to improve your back-end data collection, automate manual processes, lower your costs, and optimize customer experience.

We’re pleased to share this feedback from Apollo customers with you.

“We are in the process of launching efficient customer request facilities utilizing Apollo utility customer web forms, which are easily tailored to meet our corporate business requirements. Continually improving of the customer experience is our goal, and working with a knowledgeable industry vendor like silverblaze provides a successful path to that end.”

“We have been using silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities and Smart Forms for three years – and the results have been positive. Customers regularly report increased satisfaction and a positive overall experience, while employees have noted a reduction in time spent performing redundant tasks.”


Having optimized workflow means that you are making transactions (such as service requests or bill payment) follow a logical, stepwise process that provides the best customer experience. Notifications and communications that support the process – give customers confidence in your online service, by reducing uncertainty and making interactions seem easy.

Apollo has a wealth of features and benefits for your Utility that will improve customer experience such as:

  • Offer customers an easy-to-understand, intuitive method to quickly and conveniently provide important information using a smart form.
  • Easily integrate smart forms into new or existing workflow processes to enhance data collection.
  • Immediately route customer information through the proper channels, eliminating misplaced information.
  • Reduce customer wait times, and ensure service tasks are dealt with in a more efficient manner with internal notifications.

CX puts customers at the center of the design process. Smart forms and workflows are tools that help you collect information and coordinate actions to give your Utility customer a pleasant, well-thought out experience.

To learn more about how silverblaze Smart Forms and Workflows can help your Utility company or to schedule a demo with a silverblaze team member, click the button below.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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