Improving Utility Customer Service – A Case Study

December 19, 2017


Over the past decade, we’ve seen numerous changes across the utility landscape, and we are set to see many more in the coming years: from customer centricity, to Smart homes, to a lean towards more alternative renewable sources.

While the trend to interact with customers online in innovative ways continues, the basic service offering of bill payment, outage notifications, and usage monitoring is becoming a must have, firmly entrenched in customer expectations.

We work with utility companies to create a unique, customizable, customer portal for their services, branded with their logo, styling, and implemented to work with current systems and integrate flawlessly into back-end systems. The silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities underpins a utility company’s customer engagement and service strategy.

One of our clients, Alectra (formerly PowerSteam) supplies over 900,000 residential and business customers with electricity. Alectra places a heavy focus on social responsibility, believing that in order to be a good utility provider, they must first be a good neighbour to the communities they service.

Alectra dramatically improved their customer service using the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities, and are now able to provide 24/7 customer service, all year round. Alectra is considered a leader in the utility market for customer centricity, and improvements to efficiency brought about by implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities – continue to play a valuable role, contributing to success. 

After the implementation of the customer portal, the feedback both from the client and their customers have been extremely positive. Alectra singled out our commitment to creating a customer focused platform that is both functional and looks great, as important factors in rolling out the solution.

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Hearing how the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities has benefited other utility providers is helpful, but discovering for yourself how the award-winning software can help your utility succeed is something you have to see to believe! 

That’s why we’d like to invite you to experience an interactive demo of the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities. When you schedule your free demo with one of our product experts, we’ll answer all of your questions:

How will the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities work with my utility?
• What do web self-service portals look like?
• How extensive are the available customization features?
• How will my utility benefit from the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities features?
• Will the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities be easy for my employees to manage?
• How easily will the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities integrate with the systems I already have in place?
• And much, much more!


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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