Smart Consumers Look for Smart Solutions to Manage Utility Consumption

October 12, 2017


In our previous blog, “Easy to Use & Mobile-Friendly; What Millennials Want From Their Utility Customer Portal”, we looked at how Millennials are changing customer service. This week, let’s go a bit deeper into the technology trend that’s shifting the utility market.

The more tech savvy and environmentally conscious the world becomes, the more interested customers are in managing their energy use patterns, in both an effort to manage their costs, and to reduce their ecological footprint.

Multinational companies are making it a top priority to actively manage their energy consumption, from Procter & Gamble creating 100% renewable energy plants, to Walmart reducing energy use by 20% across its stores (2017 Power and Utilities Trends, PWC).

The expansion of Smart home devices and customer focused platforms, is changing consumer attitudes rapidly; creating a simple, seamless and succinct experience for customers is key. Missing this trend could mean your customers lose faith in you and, as a result, their satisfaction goes down.

To truly capitalize on this market trend, Utility companies need to steer away from classic models and shift towards platforms that put the customer at the centre of function & design.


With the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities, you can educate and empower your customers, allowing them to take more control in their consumption monitoring, and how they use their utilities. Consumption readings from traditional and Smart meters, allow customers to gain easy access to detailed data, patterns, and insight into how much water, electricity, gas, or other utilities, they are using.

The silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities also provides usage alert notifications. For example, if a customer is nearing a monthly allocated usage amount, they can be sent an automatic push notification, allowing them to better manage consumption.

 Consumption management includes:

  • Compare their usage by neighbourhood
  • Compare their usage against the previous year
  • View detailed, intuitive charts
  • Access local temperature chart overlays
  • Submit meter readings with access control by meter
  • Receive optional push notifications for usage alerts

The ‘Smart home’ trend is an integral part of the on-demand economy; putting data, monitoring, and management in the hands of consumers. As Utility customers experience the benefits of features such as consumption monitoring, their relationship strengthens with their respective provider.

silverblaze is highly focused on helping Utility companies deliver a customer-centric experience that consumers love to use. If you have any questions about our customer portal platform, its features, or implementing the customer portal, contact us and we’d be pleased to speak with you.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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