The Top Benefits of a Customer Portal for Water Utilities

December 27, 2022


A customer service portal, like the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities, is a web-based customer-facing system that enables water utility companies to interact with, and serve their customers – while also empowering customers to serve themselves.

Customer portals for water utilities are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They provide customers with a secure means to access and manage their account information, as well as payment and consumption data.


But that isn’t all customer portals can do for water utility companies. Here are some of the many other benefits that customer portals provide to water utilities:

✔️ Increased customer satisfaction

A customer portal offers an easy and intuitive way for customers to access and manage their water utility accounts. Customers have the ability to view their bills, payment history, and consumption data on their own time. Accessing  information and completing transactions on demand, provides the flexibility your customers need.

In addition, dialogue driven communication tools – such as chatbots, chatrooms, feedback features etc. – promote a healthy and personalized customer relationship. This means you’ll be able to provide a superior customer experience that’s in line with modern customer expectations, driving up your customer satisfaction levels.

✔️ Improved customer service

By having a customer portal, water utilities can provide their customers with a more efficient and convenient way to manage their accounts. This is because the portal provides resources and answers to FAQs that allow customers to help themselves before they have to make contact with your customer service team.

✔️ More efficient operations

A customer portal can simplify and streamline the customer service process for water utilities. By automating customer services and billing processes, it reduces the administrative burden for your team and helps improve operational efficiency.

✔️ Improved security

Customer portals provide an additional layer of security for customer accounts, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches. They also provide customers with the confidence that their data is secure, increasing their trust in your utility company.

✔️ Improved customer engagement

A customer portal allows your water utility to provide customers with personalized, proactive and informative communication with the use of push notifications and two-way communication tools. This can significantly improve customer engagement. For example, notifications and alerts can be used to help your customer remain within their budget as well as avoid missed payments.

✔️ Cost savings

Using a customer portal significantly reduces the amount of manual labor needed for customer service. This leads to a reduction in customer service costs, as well as in personnel costs. Not to mention the cost savings associated with customers going paperless. No more paper and no more postage (or at least less of it), will benefit your utility and also significantly reduce the cost on our environment.

Are you interested in learning more about how a utility customer portal can benefit your water utility? Get in touch with us today! The silverblaze team of experts are ready to start a conversation and discuss how our award-winning customer portal software works.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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