Customer Experience Could Directly Affect Your Utility Company’s Growth

June 8, 2018


A 2017 study, from professional services company KPMG, found that businesses leading the way in customer experience (CX) achieve higher revenue growth than those who are failing to keep up to date with advances in customer service technology.

In fact, the report found that the top 25 CX leaders bring in more than seven times that of those lagging behind in customer experience, in just one year alone. 

The report states: “The die is cast. We are marching inexorably into a new generation of digitally enabled customer experiences. There is no turning back. Estimates vary as to the number of customer service roles that will be replaced by bots, robots, cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

“But commentators are agreed: we have reached an inflection point on the curve of customer experience (CX) improvement where the baton is passed from human to digital interaction.”

That’s not to say customer service representatives are no longer important, but it does mean utility companies must look at new technologies to keep their clients happy in what is now an ‘on-demand’ world.

Customers want to interact with you in a way that takes the least amount of effort possible. They want a customer service that is immediate and that, the vast majority of the time, they can find a solution without even interacting with a company’s representative. 

Becoming customer-centric is now vital to a business, but with all this new technology and its subsequent impact, how does a utility company go about implementing change? Let’s talk customer portals.

Self-service customer portals have altered the way that utilities engage with their customers. They create a two-way flow of information between the two parties and vastly modernize the customer experience of the utility company, such as moving away from paper updates and giving utility companies the opportunity for real-time updates.

Gone are the days of 9-5 customer service. Consumers need to access solutions when it matters to them, not when it works for your company.

The silverblaze solution

Wouldn’t it be great to provide your customers with a way of getting access to the services they need regardless of time? Provide your customers with 24/7/365 service, leave the huge costs at the door, and stop working your staff round the clock with the implementation of a self-service customer portal.

silverblaze is an award-winning utility customer portal used across the US, Canada and the Caribbean, providing utility companies with a self-branded platform for customer service.

silverblaze is customizable, easy to integrate with your current systems, safe and secure and scalable to meet your needs. We’ve helped utility companies of all sizes improve their offering since we were founded more than two decades ago.

Our silverblaze self-service portal has a range of benefits. Not only does it improve your billing, via eBilling, it also reduces the strain on your resources, and enables a better overall customer experience from start to finish.

silverblaze clients have expressed that their utility customers adapt to the platform quickly because the rich features are highly visual, conveying information on the homepage dashboard in easy-to-read graphs.

Furthermore, they applaud the navigation’s simplicity and intuitive nature and the majority of the time the customers require no guidance to view account or usage data, which has allowed for increased customer engagement for utility clients.

Experience first hand how our interface works

Our expert team will be able show you how the silverblaze Customer Portal works and the features it has to offer your utility and your customers, including, but not limited to:

  • Usage statistics and how the customer’s usage compares to the local area
  • Current bill, the balance, paying online, review previous bills
  • Outage alerts, budget alerts, high utility usage alerts
  • Account details, the balance, past due, credit status, and more
  • Smart meter activity, predicted bill, last bill, current (30 days)
  • Time-of-use stats with on, off and mid-peaks
  • And much, much more!

Experience a demo with a member of our expert team and see first-hand how powerful the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities can be. Understand how it can fit seamlessly into your current offering with minimal disruption and maximum effect.

In short, we create customer portals and smart workflow forms that drive customer satisfaction and engagement for forward thinking utility companies. Ready to learn more? See firsthand our award-winning platform for utility providers today. 


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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