Utility Providers: How to Deliver an Improved Commercial and Industrial Utility Experience

May 15, 2019


If your utility provides services for large commercial, industrial or institutional key accounts, then you’ll be fully aware of the importance of a customer portal solution that satisfies your clients, improves the customer experience, and helps your customers manage and reduce their utility spend.

This is where the addition of a Utility Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Demand Portal Module can transform your utility’s current offering and improve satisfaction levels amongst your customers. 

What is a C&I module?

Today’s market dynamics means large companies and organizations are increasingly looking to save money that they can add to their bottom line – and their expenditure on utilities is no different.

These businesses are increasingly demanding that their utility providers – whether in the water, sewerage, electricity, gas or telecom industry – provide state-of-the-art technology that empowers them to monitor their utility usage.

Just like consumers, commercial organizations want to be able to manage and track their energy usage. If your utility can successfully provide them with this opportunity, they will see your business as trustworthy, approachable, transparent and customer focused.

Whether consumption readings are taken from traditional or smart meters, a C&I module will provide commercial companies with in-depth patterns and data into their exact utility usage and how it can be reduced.

How does a Commercial and Industrial Demand Module work?

C&I modules will allow your utility to offer a variety of applications that will greatly improve the customer experience for your key accounts, while helping them to save money at the same time.

Integrations of a C&I module include real-time meter data management (MDM), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), automatic meter reading (AMR) and operational data store (ODS).

These integrations will give your commercial, industrial and institutional accounts access to interactive charting to clearly see their current utility usage, data downloads to see comparison to old utility usage, reporting, analytics and notifications or alerts that provide real-time usage management updates.

How can silverblaze help?

The innovative silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities platform provides your utility with a unified solution that will improve the experience of your commercial, industrial or institutional key accounts.

Our Customer Portal will empower your clients with the innovative technology and information they need to cut down energy usage through a range of features and integrations, including:

  • Real-time or scheduled AMI/AMR/MDM/ODS integration.
  • Powerful interactive chart with data range selection and zoom features.
  • Support for charting multiple units of measure including Power Factor (P.F.).
  • Support for various interval read frequencies (15, 30, 60 minute intervals).
  • Compare usage to the prior period or the same period last year.
  • Compare multiple accounts on one chart.
  • Support for chart annotations where events can be pinned as visual markers.
  • Download demand data to spreadsheet or Green Button format.
  • Subscriptions for automated reporting of demand data extracts – daily, weekly or monthly reports.
  • Real-time usage monitor with alerts for high-usage.

Want to learn more about how the silverblaze Customer Portal can transform your utility’s commercial and industrial client experience? Contact the silverblaze team of experts today for more information. We would be more than happy to help.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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