How Can Your Utility Company Provide Exceptional Customer Service? Watch Our Smart Forms Video

January 17, 2020


Utility providers are in a constant crunch to find new efficiencies that will help them save money, and allow their organization to invest in the customer experience (CX). This is part of the ongoing pursuit to improve customer satisfaction.

However, in an industry as mature as the utility sector, finding these efficiencies is no easy feat. That’s why a large number of organizations are turning towards new technology solutions, which would ultimately allow utility companies to streamline operations and better service the end-consumer.

Modern utilities must now automate their processes where possible. Customer requests should be seamlessly shared and transferred between departments to ensure both the day-to-day operational activities, and customer service activities, are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

That’s where smart forms can help automate your internal processes. Unfortunately, however, many utility providers are struggling to understand exactly what smart forms do.

That’s why silverblaze has created a new video that explains what exactly our smart forms do and how they can benefit your organization.

Watch our Smart Forms video


Why your utility needs to use smart forms

Your utility receives a large number of customer requests each day. While many of those requests are simple, there is a wide range of complex requests that require more insightful decisions.

Since there are so many decisions that will dictate what information your customers need and which team within your utility will handle the request, your utility’s customer service representatives waste a large amount of time dealing with simple repetitive tasks.

This could involve trying to find the right team to send a request to, chasing a team for the answer to a request and many other tasks that could be easily automated. The result? A simple request can take a few days, or even longer, to complete. Therefore, smart forms aim to achieve the highest level of customer retention and satisfaction, while providing utility companies ease-of-mind knowing that potential customer issues/requests will be directed and solved efficiently.

What are silverblaze Smart Forms?

This process can be done in a far more efficient and effective manner by making use of modern data analysis technologies. That’s where utilities can use silverblaze Smart Forms to optimize their internal processes.

Through a series of intelligent and customizable forms for both internal and external use, your utility can validate data and trigger appropriate actions without bottlenecks. Customer requests are routed to the appropriate team which can handle it in an efficient and timely manner.

Do you know what that means for your utility? More efficient backend processes and happier customers. If you want to learn more about how smart forms can benefit your organization’s customer service strategy, read our blog titled ‘How Smart Forms Revolutionize Utility Customer Service’.

Are you looking for more information about how silverblaze Smart Forms can automate your utility’s internal processes and deliver greater efficiencies? Contact our team of utility customer portal experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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