3 Features That Your Utility Provider’s CIS is Missing

January 9, 2020


Your utility’s customer information system (CIS) is a crucial component for providing the best customer service experience possible – and a high quality customer experience (CX) will lead to significantly more satisfied utility customers.

Since the needs of your customers are always evolving and expanding, there’s a chance your current utility CIS is missing features that have become standard among your competitors. Today, silverblaze takes a closer look at the three most common features that your utility CIS may be missing, and address why they’re necessary for customer satisfaction.

1 – The ability to track usage events 

Utility customers are increasingly interested in seeing how their usage stacks up over time. The ability to compare utility usage before and after significant events (such as the installation of a central air unit, or transitioning from incandescent light bulbs to LED) is a feature that is in high demand.

By providing your customers with usage data and analytics, you will put them in control of their own energy consumption. They can make changes to cut their carbon footprint and reduce their monthly bills, and they will be far more engaged with your company as a result. 

2 – The ability to send smartphone notifications

Utility customers want to know that your utility is proactive, introducing new technologies to reduce customer effort and make their partnership with your utility easier and more enjoyable. That’s why utility customers are increasingly interested in receiving billing and other important information through text messages or smartphone notifications.

These messages could include information regarding service changes, account modifications, or special bundles and offers. The convenience and security of never missing important information is vital to modern customers. The number of customers expecting to be able to connect with their utility provider via their mobile device is only expected to grow over time. 

3 – The Ability for Customers to Connect With You via Online Forms 

If your customers need to talk to you, they want to be able to do it quickly and conveniently. The preferred method for customers contacting their utility provider is through a mix of online forms and email. This method allows customers to instantly provide their utility with information, without having to experience the (often) slow process of contacting a customer service representative.

Not only is this convenient for customers, it also reduces strain on your customer service department—allowing your team to provide assistance on pressing and emergency issues more effectively. 

How the silverblaze Customer Portal will help

If your utility CIS is missing one (or all) of these features, the silverblaze Customer Portal can help. Our unique solution is a self-service portal designed specifically with utilities in mind. It’s a convenient, powerful solution that easily integrates with your existing utility CIS and allows your customers to:

  • Remotely access their accounts.
  • Pay bills from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Connect with you via online forms to provide valuable information .
  • Receive SMS notifications regarding their service, their account, and upcoming offers.
  • Track their usage year over year, as well as before and after major events.
  • And much more! 

The silverblaze Customer Portal is fully scalable and built to evolve with your utility. It’s also regularly updated with new functionality so the features your customers expect are always available.

Do you want to learn more? Contact our team of customer portal experts today. We would be more than happy to answer any question you have and explain how the silverblaze Customer Portal solution works.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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