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Client Stories & Reviews

Client Stories

Alectra Inc. (PowerStream)

PowerStream is a community-owned electric and water utility that provides services to more than 375,000 customers in cities and towns located immediately north of Toronto and in Central Ontario. For more than a decade, they have utilized SilverBlaze portal technology to improve the experience of their customers and employees.

PowerStream has always embraced innovation, and they need solutions that will help them meet their ambitious goals quickly, and on budget. Since implementing the SilverBlaze Customer Portal, PowerStream has introduced:

The My Account portal, making it easier for residential and commercial customers to monitor their account activity

SilverBlaze Alectra
  • Real-time web displays of Smart Meter (AMI) consumption data and Time-Of-Use pricing
  • Online, paperless billing options
  • Green Button compliance (standardized format for downloading AMI data)
  • Comparative analytics that allow customers to compare their usage with previous years, as well as their neighbours
  • The Outage Concierge—an online interface to the outage management system that supplies customers with real-time updates on restoration times
  • Real-time integration with CIS/billing system
  • Three new website launches using the Customer Portal CMS - And more!

PowerStream has made it very clear that SilverBlaze has helped them meet every one of their goals. Whether it’s an out-of-the-box solution or a custom build, we have always ensured that PowerStream have the tools to better serve their customers and meet the needs of their employees.  

Download the PowerStream Case Study to learn more!

The fact that SilverBlaze Solutions has been PowerStream’s vendor of choice for its customer portal and website services for more than 11 years is not by coincidence. It is a testament to the excellent customer service they provide that includes innovative approaches to website design and development while providing optimum customer support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. The project SilverBlaze recently completed for us in building a customer-centric, responsive design website and customer portal in less than four months is just one example of their outstanding work.

Eric Fagen
Director, External Communications at Alectra Inc. (PowerStream)


An electric and water utility in southwestern Ontario—services over 40,000 metered customers. They are 90% owned by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and 10% owned by Corix Energy. Entegrus previously offered a customer portal, but it was not user-friendly. They purchased SilverBlaze customer portals to attract more self-service users through an easy-to-navigate web portal—with an ultimate goal of driving more customers toward paperless billing.

The SilverBlaze Customer Portal provided Entegrus with a wealth of new self-service features for their customers to take advantage of. Customers particularly appreciate SilverBlaze’s mobile functionality, which provides access to their accounts on any mobile device, at any time.

SilverBlaze Entegrus

Happy with the results, Entegrus decided to pair it with Smart Forms. Immediately, they could offer their customers a wide assortment of intelligent forms for everything from new connection agreements and pre-authorized payments, to streetlight outage reporting, and more. Customers express high levels of satisfaction with their ability to contact Entegrus at any time—knowing all concerns and inquiries are addressed quickly.

Employees also appreciate the features of the SilverBlaze Customer Portal and the SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflow solutions. By automating workflows, streamlining processes, and minimizing the potential for human error, Entegrus reduces the strain on employees across the Entegrus organization, while simultaneously increasing productivity.

"We would have selected the solutions based on look alone. They’re very intuitive. We wanted to ensure people could make good use of our site and The Customer Portal and Smart Forms helped us achieve that goal."

Garry Symons
Director of Corporate Service at Entegrus

Owensboro Municipal Utilities

Publicly owned, Owensboro Municipal Utilities—located in Owensboro, Kentucky—provides electric, water, and telecom solutions to approximately 25,000 metered customers. This mid-sized utility provider came to us looking for ways to improve customer service and overall employee job satisfaction.

With SilverBlaze, we provided Owensboro Municipal Utilities with an intuitive self-service web portal that allowed employees to communicate any service issues or changes with customers in a timely fashion. Additionally, the SilverBlaze Customer Portal now provides Owensboro Municipal Utility customers with the ability to monitor their usage, pay bills online, and contact their provider with any questions or concerns when it’s most convenient for them.

SilverBlaze Owensboro

Since launching in 2015, SilverBlaze’s custom solutions have made a huge impact. Employees now have the tools they need to quickly notify their customers of important information such as rate or service changes. Likewise, customers can monitor and modify their accounts from anywhere, at any time.


"OMU needed a web portal that would be more than a payment platform. Our customers expect our web portal to provide them with the information and options they need without always talking to an OMU employee. The SilverBlaze Customer Portal surpasses these expectations and we value the relationship we continue to develop with the SilverBlaze team."

Sarah McElwain
Customer Service Manager, Owensboro Municipal Utilities OMU

Oakville Hydro

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Oakville Hydro is an electrical utility provider with over 67,000 metered customers. They came to us with the goal of improving customer satisfaction by implementing a diverse collection of self-service options. They wanted a solution with an aesthetically pleasing interface that was also feature-rich relative to cost.

After choosing the SilverBlaze Customer Portal and SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflow, Oakville Hydro could quickly implement and roll out customer web forms, promote a new, environmentally conscious paperless environment, and integrate self-service web portals into their existing systems. The SilverBlaze Customer Portal was also used to provide Oakville Hydro customers with the ability to monitor their electric consumption online, set up usage alerts, and view their account history.

SilverBlaze Oakville Hydro

In addition, Oakville Hydro also purchased the SilverBlaze CMS. With the CMS, they launched a new corporate website in early 2016 with seamless integration into the customer portal.

As of 2018, Oakville Hydro has been using SilverBlaze solutions for four years—and the results have been positive. Customers regularly report increased satisfaction and a positive overall experience, while employees have noted a reduction in time spent performing redundant tasks.


"Provo City has a great customer engagement platform with the Customer Portal software for utilities. This provides convenience for key tasks, and serves to educate and inform our electric and water customers – all of which is very important to us. SilverBlaze is thoroughly engaged in understanding the needs of our customers, and our business."

Karen Larsen
Director of Customer Service, Provo


NV GEBE is the publicly owned electric and water utility of the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Currently they service approximately 70,000 metered customers. When NV GEBE began searching for a web portal solution, they had several goals—all of which centered around migrating their customers to online self-service tools.

NV GEBE needed a solution that would help them keep pace with technical innovations while also allowing its employees to provide outstanding customer service. After researching several options online,  NV GEBE chose SilverBlaze because of its robust assortment of features, relative to its cost.

SilverBlaze NV GEBE

After integrating the SilverBlaze Customer Portal into their existing system, employees were able to connect with customers in a timely manner—allowing them to immediately explain any upcoming changes to billing or service. And because the SilverBlaze Customer Portal provides users with such an intuitive layout and design, NV GEBE customers were able to easily navigate their new self-service web portal. 

Since the summer of 2014, NV GEBE has seen paperless billing signups increase and call centre volumes decrease. Most importantly, they have found customers are now better equipped to make payments on time, from anywhere.

In addition to the Customer Portal, NV GEBE also chose the SilverBlaze CMS to develop and launch a new corporate website. Launched in early 2016, this website offered seamless integration with the Customer Portal.

"NPEI is in the process of launching efficient customer request facilities utilizing SilverBlaze Smart Forms & Workflow utility web forms, which are easily tailored to meet our corporate business requirements. Continually improving of the customer experience is our goal, ad working with a knowledgeable industry vendor like SilverBlaze provides a successful path to that end."

Margaret Battista
Vice President Customer Services & Information Technology, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. NPC

Danville Case Study

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Multiple Utility Applications One Powerful Portal

Danville Utilities provides a variety of services including electric, natural gas, and water to over 48,000 residences and businesses in a 500-square mile service area. Providing a wide range of services presented Danville Utilities with a complex challenge.

Learn how the SilverBlaze Customer Portal addressed Danville’s requirements, and delivered a robust and engaging platform capable of integrating multiple utility applications into a single elegant solution.

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