As Energy Prices Soar, Utility Providers Can Help Consumers Save Money

November 16, 2022


Much has been said about the soaring energy prices in Europe over the past few months. Whether it be theatres in Hungary closing due to energy costs or the risk of winter gas shortages in the United Kingdom. And it’s not just Europe. The rest of the world is either experiencing, or likely to experience, rising energy prices as well. For example, California is suffering from rising electricity and gas prices.

With what has been dubbed as a cost of living crisis, many customers are worried about their monthly energy bills. What can utility providers do to improve consumer engagement and help their customers save money? 

Utility providers should focus on deliver real-time insights into energy usage

Utilities that still use classic methods for customer engagement (such as phone and direct mail) are not only spending money on inefficient communication methods, but are failing to provide customers with the usage insights they need to help them save money. 

Utility customers want to understand, manage and alter their energy usage in an easy to access format. Utility companies that provide that vital information will be able to increase customer engagement, boost their relationship with customers and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. 

Conservation and demand management is an important part of utility operations. Strategies and policies need to be put in place to help customers adjust their usage and even encourage off-peak usage. These types of programs benefit  consumers by giving  access to their data online.

Having a customer portal where your customers can easily access their utility accounts and also see insights into their energy usage, allows utility providers to better manage demand and give customers the insights they need to decrease their carbon footprint and save money. This in turn builds trust, positioning your utility as a more approachable, transparent and customer-focused business.

How silverblaze helps utilities provide valuable insights to their customers

To help utilities reach and engage their customers, we’ve developed the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities. This self-service web solution provides customers with both smart metering and regular metering information. 

Our innovative smart metering module provides data to consumers who want a complete up-to-date picture of their energy consumption. Usage management is supported with push notifications to the customer based on their own usage goals (daily, weekly, or monthly). Putting data into the hands of the consumer allows them to make smarter decisions around their energy usage, helping them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Our award-winning Customer Portal for Utilities is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. Utility customers appreciate the ease of selecting automatic notifications, viewing detailed billing history, and managing their usage with clear graphs and data on their consumption. 

Don’t waste time! Help your customers manage their energy consumption so that they can save money and support your demand management objectives by implementing the silverblaze Customer Portal for Utilities. To learn more about the silverblaze Customer Portal, schedule a demo today.


It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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