silverblaze Enhances Customer Engagement Platform with ACE Merger

September 13, 2022


silverblaze has evolved substantially over the past year and a half and is now excited to formally announce its merger with Harris Utilities’ Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) platform to enhance its customer engagement platform.

The merger will help silverblaze better achieve its mission of helping its customers become their area’s trusted utility provider.

So how does our customer engagement platform help you to do that? By empowering and engaging customers with the silverblaze Customer Portal you are allowing them to achieve their goals as consumers, all while improving your own reliability and sustainability goals. 

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What is ACE, and how does its merger enhance the silverblaze platform?

Here at silverblaze we believe utility providers deserve the tools they need to empower customers and achieve greater efficiency across the board. That’s why we’ve merged with the ACE platform to offer you a next-generation utility customer engagement platform.

The Adaptive Consumer Engagement platform helps utilities improve customer service, enhance their digital strategy, increase financial performance, and achieve greater operational efficiency by successfully combining data management, insightful analytics and behavioural science.

This unmatched platform has now been merged into the silverblaze Customer Portal, allowing silverblaze to maximize behavioural science to motivate consumers to make simple changes to their daily routine.

The results? Utility providers are now able to build a digital roadmap that leads to large scale energy and water savings, significantly improved customer engagement through a superior omnichannel strategy, and dramatically improve their own internal operational efficiencies, as well as motivate customers to save money and reduce their carbon footprint (improving customer satisfaction). 

The merger brings new and improved features to the silverblaze Customer Portal, including:

Billing: Enables users with the tools to self-serve, by answering their billing-related questions themselves and seamlessly paying their bills online. This can also help utility providers build a paperless strategy that saves them money, and helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

Utility Usage and Analytics: Provides users with complete transparency into consumption through dynamic charts, graphs, and visualization. 

Customer Savings: Equips users with tools they need to save money and energy, such as a recommendations library, the ability to set goals, and create an action plan to save on their utility costs. 

Responsive Design: All utility customer portal information is accessible on any smartphone or tablet, so that your utility can serve its customers no matter where they are. 

Notifications and Alerts: Delivers actionable text message or e-mail alerts to help customers control their costs. 

CSR Tools: Provides customer service representatives with a “360° view” of customers and the exact same user experience to enable them to efficiently and effectively serve your customers. 

How the silverblaze Customer Portal helps you achieve world-class utility results

Without the right customer engagement platform, it’s so hard to effectively empower, engage and advise all of your utility customers. This leads to your utility wasting time and money as you continue to rely on outdated solutions. 

Your utility needs the customer engagement tools to empower customers and achieve greater efficiency across the board. That’s why with the silverblaze Customer Portal utility providers can: 

  • reduce call volume;
  • increase meter to cash;
  • increase customer engagement;
  • increase customer satisfaction;
  • and positively influence customer behaviour through greater conservation.

Are you ready to see first-hand how the easy-to-use design and comprehensive features of the silverblaze Customer Portal can dramatically improve the results of your utility business? Schedule a demo today



silverblaze is an award-winning software innovation, development and consulting firm. Founded in 1999, silverblaze partners with utility providers equipping them with value-focused, highly-customizable, self-service customer portals and smart forms software.

Over the past 21 years, silverblaze has successfully empowered clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean to maximize customer engagement through their utility customer self-service portal software. Some of silverblaze’s clients include Alectra Utilities, the Bermuda Electric Light Company, and the City of Provo. silverblaze is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems. Learn more at

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Since 1976, Harris is a software company that has focused on providing software solutions that empower people who serve their communities. Harris currently does this for utility providers, local government, schools, public safety, and healthcare enabling their customers to deliver essential services, safety, and care to the citizens they serve. Harris is part of the Constellation Software Incorporated family of companies. For more information on Harris please visit

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It’s time to stop worrying about all the issues that come with low customer engagement, and instead, transform your operations to become the leading utility company in your area.

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